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Tell Shelley Anne – An Interview With Jamison Green

| Nov 6, 2023 | Reply

Shelley Anne was lucky enough to land Jamison Green for this interview. Green transitioned from female to male in the 1980s and has been an advocate for transgender people with a strong focus on female to male people. He is also a busy man who is an award-winning author, activist, writer, gender consultant, and more. Meet Jamison Green in today’s Tell Shelley Anne.

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An Interview with Tona Brown

| Aug 14, 2023 | Reply

Shelley Anne interviews Tona Brown and learns about her international performance career as a violinist and Mezzo-Soprano. Ms.Brown has performed throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She the first transgender woman of color to perform the National Anthem for a sitting President, Barack Obama, and she is an activist on transgender issues.

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An Interview with Candice Taylor

| Jul 17, 2023 | Reply

While enjoying herself at a transgender event Shelley Anne met a lady named Candice Taylor. Ms. Taylor began to tell her story of starting to crossdress privately, advancing to dressing in public and finally coming to the decision to go full time. Shelley was there to relax but her work ethic told her, “Here’s someone to interview for Tell Shelley Anne! This is that interview.

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Meeting Sarah Scott

| Jun 19, 2023 | Reply

Sarah Scott is a transgender woman from Oklahoma. She is on the board of directors of HeartlandTG. Ms. Scott began her transition three years ago. Recently she sat down with Shelley Anne Baker for an interview.

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An interview with: Susan Kuklin, Author of Beyond Magenta

| Mar 27, 2023

Susan Kuklin is an American photographer and award-winning writer and trans ally. She is noted for books for young children as well as for older readers and is the author of “Beyond Magenta, Transgender Teens Speak Out”. The book was on the Top 10 Most Challenged Books lists for 2015 and 2019.

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An Interview With Dana Fox

| Feb 27, 2023

Dana Fox says she is the real deal. A go-to, where she wants to go, and do what she wants to do person. According to Dana, she’s fun and witty, not shy, and a bit of an exhibitionist. Added to that, she’ll describe herself as independent, a pro-bodily autonomous socialist liberal atheist, anti-fascist, and is out and proud, 24-7, 365 days a year. At the end of the day, a mature, transsexual female extraordinaire. In addition, Dana loves photography and writes transgender erotica.

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Meet Therapist Anna Lisa Derenthal

| Feb 27, 2023

TGForum contributor Michelle Rogers interviews her therapist Anna Lisa Derenthal. Ms. Derenthal is one of the leaders in providing mental health care for transgender people in the mid-South.

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Tell Shelley Anne: An Interview With Julia Serano

| Jan 2, 2023 | Reply

Julia Serano is an Oakland, California-based writer, performer, biologist, and activist. She is the author of several books on transgender issues and contributed to many national publications. She is the subject of Shelley Anne’s first interview of 2023.

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Tell Shelley Anne: Interview with Grae Phillips

| Dec 5, 2022 | Reply

Born in Montreal, Canada, Grae Phillips came to national attention in the ’80s and ’90s by appearing on over a dozen talk shows, entertainment programs and news broadcasts. At present, Phillips is filming a documentary on his extraordinary life journey entertaining as a woman and all the challenges that it brings.

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Rachel Santiago GM of The District Hotel in Oklahoma City

| Nov 7, 2022 | Reply

The subject of today’s Tell Shelley Anne is Rachel Santiago, General Manager of The District Hotel in Oklahoma City. She is a trans-lesbian who is not interested in anyone. She is also a DJ, comedian, mistress, vegetarian, lover of the wilderness and asexual.

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An Interview with Jennifer Finney Boylan

| Oct 10, 2022 | Reply

Shelley Anne interviews author, columnist and transgender activist Jennifer Finney Boylan. Ms. Boylan talks about her life, her writing, various other activities, and her new book, Mad Honey.

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An Interview with Lynn Jones

| Sep 12, 2022 | Reply

Shelley Anne interviews author and proud trans woman Lynn Jones. Ms. Jones began her gender transition around five years age. In the process she found that her company was not as transgender friendly as it told the public. When she started her transition there everyone seemed supportive but in the long run they showed her the door. Today she gives her story to Shelley Anne.

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Shelley Anne Interviews Activist Tessa White

| Aug 15, 2022 | Reply

Today Shelley Anne interviews Oklahoma City trans activist Tessa White. Ms. White was President (and first ever transgender President) of Oklahoma City Pride 2021. She currently serves as Treasurer of Oklahoma City Pride. Other community roles include Former Vice President of PFLAG OKC, Board Member, the Oklahoma City Diversity Center, Board Member and Guard, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Oklahoma City LGBTQ+ Advisor at the Veterans Hospital in Oklahoma City on LGBTQ+ related issues.

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An interview with . . . Lia Zero

| Jul 18, 2022 | Reply

Liz Zero is a trans woman who has established a woodworking shop where she creates unique handcrafted furniture that is both a work of art and a functional piece to use in the home. Ms. Zero is also interested in fashion modeling and design. She has granted Shelley Anne an interview and we present it to you today.

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Tell Shelley Anne: An Interview with Sheela Monroe

| Jun 20, 2022 | Reply

I come in contact with people in various ways. Some at in-person at events. Others it is online. Many folks are referred to me. When I find someone with intriguing qualities, I ask about their interest in being interviewed by me for TGForum. Most, say yes. But for some, it just is not their cup […]

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Tell Shelley Anne: An Interview with Luna Ray

| May 23, 2022 | Reply

Luna Ray is the founder of Bloom Community, a sex-positive social and dating app. Bloom creates a safer space for queer, kink, ethically non-monogamous, and other alternative communities to connect and build community. She talks with Shelley Anne about Bloom and other activities aimed at getting legal protections for those who are differently gendered, love differently, or engage in different sex practices.

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An Interview with Sara Davis Buechner

| Apr 25, 2022 | Reply

Sara Davis Buechner is one of the most original concert pianists of our time, a musician of “intelligence, integrity and all-encompassing technical prowess” (The New York Times), with “sovereign command of the keyboard” (Los Angeles Times). She is also an out trans woman. Ms. Buechner recently sat down with Shelley Anne Baker for an interview.

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Tell Shelley Anne: Getting to Know Dina Amberle

| Mar 28, 2022 | Reply

Today Shelley Anne interviews Dina Amberle, a.k.a. Dina Sinatra. Find out how Dina started crossdressing, how that led to writing her Dina’s Diner feature on TGForum, and why she has two last names. Dina tells all to Shelley Anne.

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An Interview With Kandi Robbins

| Feb 28, 2022 | Reply

Shelley Anne reached out to Kandi’s Land to request an interview with our contributor Kandi Robbins. Ms. Robbins granted the interview and it is today’s edition of Tell Shelley Anne. Kandi talks about her modeling work, being featured is several movies, and her philosophy of crossdressing.

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Tell Shelley Anne: An Interview with Vanessa Carr

| Jan 31, 2022 | Reply

Vanessa Carr is a New Orleans musician, drag performer, and tireless advocate for the LGBT community. She has been doing her best to charm and dazzle audiences since 2012, in an effort to strive, connect with, and bring a little Vanessa love, joy, and optimism to everyone she meets. She is interviewed by Shelley Anne.

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An Interview with Tory Waltman

| Jan 3, 2022 | Reply

Tory Waltman, along with her partner Stacey Hamilton, two image team professionals closely affiliated with Oklahoma-based HeartlandTG, the largest transgender live music venue in America, started a wonderful program in 2021, they call TransTrunk OKC. Learn more about the couple in this edition of Tell Shelley Anne.

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An Interview with Sabrina “Bria” Symington

| Dec 6, 2021 | 1 Reply

Sabrina “Bria” Symington is a transgender artist from Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada. She is best known for her ongoing web comic series, Life of Bria, as well as her graphic novels, First Year Out, and its sequel, Coming Out Again. Today she is the subject of Tell Shelley Anne.

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Tell Shelley Anne: Interview With Fallon Fox

| Nov 8, 2021 | Reply

Fallon Fox is a retired professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter specializing in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai. Shelley Anne interviews Fox to find out what she’s doing in retirement. Turns out it’s a lot.

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Tell Shelley Anne: An Interview With Fiona Mallratte

| Jul 12, 2021 | Reply

Shelley Anne interviews the artist whose graphic novel 1956: Sweet Sweet Little Ramona is serialized on TGForum, Fiona Mallratte. Find out how she got her name, explore her body of work in the alt comics world and get her advice on how to make a career in art.

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Tell Shelley Anne: Interview with Dr. Aaron Devor

| Feb 22, 2021 | Reply

Dr. Aaron Devor, PhD, FSSSS, FSTLHE, has been studying and teaching about transgender topics since the early 1980s. He established and holds the world’s first Chair in Transgender Studies; initiated and hosts the international, interdisciplinary Moving Trans History Forward conferences, started the Transgender Archives at the University of Victoria and is the subject of today’s Tell Shelley Anne interview.

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Tell Shelley Anne An interview with…Kerry Wright

| Jan 25, 2021 | Reply

Kerry Wright is a lovely and diminutive Texas native who describes herself as a classy, intelligent, Gemini and feminine gurl who just wants to be herself. She is the subject of today’s interview by Shelley Anne. Find out about her evolution as a “gurl”, her time as a webcam model and more.

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