An Interview with Tory Waltman

| Jan 3, 2022
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Makeup Artist and Co-Founder of the TransTrunk Program


Tory Waltman, along with her partner Stacey Hamilton, two fabulous image team professionals closely affiliated with Oklahoma-based HeartlandTG, the largest transgender live music venue in America, started a wonderful program in 2021, they call TransTrunk OKC. It is a program designed to provide clothing to those starting out, or who do not have much to wear as crossdressers or transsexuals. Their goal was to collect donations that included dresses, skirts, shoes, coats, forms, and more in good condition. Wigs in any shape were also on their list. Folks who needed clothing items simply needed to text Tory with their sizes and items that were gathered from the Trunk and brought to the next HeartlandTG Girls Night Out event.

“The TransTrunk program has been a great success,” says Hanna Olsen, hostess for HeartlandTG parties. “Our group members got involved from the get-go and love it.”

Tory, born and raised in Oklahoma, exhibited a passion and talent for art at the young age of 12. As Tory says, “I had a fantastic art teacher who changed the way I looked at the world.” After high school, she began countless hours of YouTube makeup tutorials and by 2014, was dabbling in costume and SFX makeup. Two years later, she met a young trans woman (Stacey) who had not been able to transition due to mitigating circumstances. Tory started a relationship with her and together they embarked on a transitional journey.

Tory & Stacey. Photo by OK Bobbi.

Tory began to study the techniques involved in feminizing the face and body and in 2020, began working with Heartland TG as its makeup artist for group participants. As a result, Tory has honed her skills for TransFemme makeup applications. If you want to participate in a makeup session, the next event is Jan. 15. Ticket information is available by texting Tory at 405.347.1545.

For those in the Oklahoma City area who need clothing or want to contribute items, text Tory to inquire about the selection of styles and sizes that are available and the best way to participate in the program.

Editor’s note: The 16th annual Heartland Transgender Spring Soiree and Music Jam is May 12-14. It will be held at the District Hotel (formerly Habana).

All transgender musicians and transgender bands, and guest appearances by established recording artists who wish to perform are invited to attend. Bands and acts must have at least one transgender/t-girl/t-man member to be considered and all genres of music are accepted. Email Hanna Olsen at for more musician registration. The website is

Tory at a Fall HeartlandTG Party 2021.

According to Hanna, there are virtually no limitations to event guest attendance. All transgender women and men, transsexuals, transvestites, drag queens, drag kings, fully feminine or masculine crossdressers, plus spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and Mistresses, Sirs, and BBC who love girls and t-men, as well as admirers who love music, are welcome to attend the music jam. 

And if you are local or visiting OKC the second Saturday of any month, you are invited to participate in the monthly Girls Night Out held at the District Hotel,

TGForum: How did you and Stacey develop the idea for TransTrunk?

Tory: It really kind of happened organically when the girls just started bringing us their items that did not fit or work for them for whatever reason. Stacey came up with the name, and thus, TransTrunk OKC was born. 

TGForum: Has the program been well received? How will clothing be distributed?

Tory: We have gathered quite a bit of donations. It has been so successful that I anticipate we will have to move it into a storage unit soon. As people express that they might need some things, we ask for their sizes, and put together the items that might fit, and then bring it with us to the events or just to meet them. 

TGForum: Are you only collecting clothing from the Oklahoma Heartland group? Can others participate?

Tory: We have taken donations from all people. Cis friends, acquaintances, and the girls from the group. Anyone is welcome to donate, but we are only making items available trans individuals. 

TGForum: Is your primary career being a make-up artist? 

Tory: I only do makeup on the side as a freelance artist, but I am picking up some momentum and hope to be able to make it my full time career in the future. I specialize in feminizing makeup especially for trans women and femme bois. 

TGForum: Do you work closely with Stacey who is known to create some amazing hairstyles?

Tory: I originally asked Stacey to tag along to the events because I needed an extra set of hands to do hair so that I could fit in as many appointments as possible. I knew that she could do lots of different braids, updos, and other styles because she has three little girls all with long thick hair. So, she has had a lot of experience with hair styles. Most of the girls wear wigs, so over time, Stacey has learned the ins and outs of wig care. 

TGForum: I imagine both you and Stacey love what you do?

Tory: There is nothing better than seeing the look on these girls’ faces when they first see themselves in the mirror. Many have been brought to tears, and it is just incredible. 

TGForum: What tips do you have for crossdressers who want to look and feel more feminine? 

Tory: Contact me! Really, I think learning how to dress to accentuate what you want and diminish what you do not want. The same goes for makeup. Learning the techniques is key. 

TGForum: If you could wave a magic wand and make one change within the transgender (or crossdresser) community, what would it be?

Tory: Of course, I would erase the stigma. Change that thing in people’s minds that tells them there is anything wrong with being trans or crossdressing. Everyone would understand that gender and sex are different, and maybe there would be no more hate against our beautiful community.

TGForum: If someone handed you $100,000 how would you spend it?

Tory: I would buy a house. That would eliminate such a large portion of my monthly expenses and I could focus more on my creative endeavors, such as makeup, trans lifestyle coaching, and other related endeavors.

TGForum: It is worth repeating, what is the best method to contact you if TGForum readers want to contribute clothing to TransTrunk or seek a hair and make-up session in your geographical location? 

Tory: Yes, reach out by texting me at 405.347.1545. I would be delighted to set something up.

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