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Tell Shelley Anne: An Interview with Sheela Monroe

| Jun 20, 2022
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Sheela Monroe

I come in contact with people in various ways. Some at in-person at events. Others it is online. Many folks are referred to me. When I find someone with intriguing qualities, I ask about their interest in being interviewed by me for TGForum. Most, say yes. But for some, it just is not their cup of tea. Recently, through an online portal, I met the lovely, interesting, and in my estimation, unconventional, Sheela Monroe.

A former Oregon resident, she has lived in California, Washington State and now Nevada. She achieved high academic grades, and participated in many team sports, including a 30-year stint playing competitive softball. Today, it is just indoor sports. . .pool and darts. Married at 27, and divorced at 30, she had no children.

Sheela says she has read hundreds of books covering philosophy, history, economics, liberty, astronomy, and physics. Her favorite authors are philosopher Ayn Rand, and Robert Heinlein, who is often referred to as the dean of scientific writers. Politically, she is an objectivist and libertarian (like Rand). And Sheela is 100% Atheist.

Career wise, it was 40 years in sales and marketing, along with owning four businesses and currently serving as a marketing director. Today, she is also a makeup artist specializing in feminizations of T-Girls and CD’s. Size, as it pertains to her figure does matter, both upfront and below. And her fingernails and toes are always painted. Thus, is the life of Sheela Monroe.

TGForum: To say the least, from what I have read you have lived an interesting life.

Ms. Monroe: Born in Oregon, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for five decades. I have resided in Las Vegas for seven years, but I miss California. Not the taxes, high prices, and definitely not the politics. I was just a regular guy who was force-femmed in his 40s and now I live as a trans girl. A phone mistress made me crossdress for the first time in 1993. I loved it and was hooked. Originally, I was a closeted crossdresser. Then one beautiful San Francisco night I went out dressed. It is a long story how that night, and morning went. Buy me a bottle of wine and I will tell you.

TGForum: But there is more to that story?

Ms. Monroe: I started going out every week in San Francisco. My favorite place was “Bondage-A-Go-Go.” I got involved with BDSM groups and attended parties. I attended classes and learned a lot. I had a few BDSM sessions, both paid and unpaid with mistresses, including one trans mistress. I even had sexual encounters with some trans girls. It got to the point that I no longer did anything as my male self. I was always Sheela.

TGForum: It is my understanding your life has taken several turns.

Ms. Monroe: My sex life was almost nil as I did not date men. Women were not easily found. I quit being Sheela in December 1994 so I could be my male self again. I had two relationships with women between 2007-2013, but none since. Actually, life sucked for me in 2014. My dog was dying and eventually passed, and I was suicidal, so I decided to become Sheela again. Later that year, I relocated to Las Vegas. It was in Vegas I got my first pro makeover and knew I was doing the right thing. I started taking hormones and seeing changes in my body. I was loving it. Got my 800cc and 44D breasts in 2018.

TGForum: Do you still feel the move to Las Vegas was right for you?

Ms. Monroe: I am loving life in Las Vegas. But I want to find out what I like and dislike about BDSM and experience everything. I ditched my roommates in November 2020 and got my own apartment. Then early 2021, a CT scan revealed I had a tumor in my pancreas. So that year would be a barrel of laughs, just like the prior two with Achilles and Covid issues. But I believed I could fight the cancer through super nutrition, meds that starve the cancer, IV and vitamin C to kill it. As the year went on, I lost weight, from 245 to 220. My goal is still 160.

In August 2021, the good news was I found after a second MRI I did not have cancer. The bad news was I went off my diet celebrating and put all the weight back on. I stayed home working, mostly due to Covid mask rules. I am on strike against such idiocy.

TGForum: You seem to be quite outspoken politically. How do you feel our government leaders are handling transgender issues? 

Ms. Monroe: I am more concerned how they are handling the economy (horribly) and protecting our constitutional rights, which they (Joe Biden and company) are not. I am not affected by transgender issues here in Nevada, at least so far. I pay for my own trans medical desires, as all of us should. The bathroom issue would be resolved if they would just provide a neutral bathroom that serves one person and can be locked. End of problem. MTF transgenders should not be competing against cis women in sports where their male biology gives them an advantage, such as the Olympic swimmer. If I were in an event with them, I would boycott it and make my reasons known. There should be a third and fourth class of competitors for MTF and FTM transgenders. If there are not enough contestants, then no event.

TGForum: Please share your life’s philosophy.

Ms. Monroe: “I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” Those are the words of the late Ayn Rand, who was an American writer and philosopher. Her novels were especially influential among conservatives and libertarians from the mid-20th century. I carry my own weight and expect others to do the same. 

TGForum: If it existed, would you drink from the fountain of youth?

Ms. Monroe: Not in today’s world. The future looks ugly, and I do not want to be a part of it. But I would pour a glass for Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin so they could be two-year-olds playing in a mud puddle.

TGForum: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Ms. Monroe: Again, it is Ayn Rand. Rand was known for her fiction and for developing a philosophical system she named Objectivism. Its four main principles are objective reality, absolute reason, individualism, and laissez-faire capitalism.

TGForum: You are a big fan of Marilyn Monroe, and you were going to take a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to commemorate her 96th birthday? 

Ms. Monroe:  I cancelled the road trip due to the ridiculous Covid mask rules in California. I plan to make that trip when I can enjoy fresh air and not ruin my makeup every 10 minutes. 

TGForum: Based in Las Vegas you offer make-up sessions for members of the TS and CD community. Plus, you escort folks around town to experience what Las Vegas life is really like.

Ms. Monroe: Yes. It is so much fun sharing the experience of a makeover with people who have never had one. I get to re-live the first time I had a makeover. There are lots of fun things to do in Las Vegas for girls like us.

TGForum: Walking down Las Vegas Blvd. someone hands you $100,000 in cash. It is legit. How would you spend it?

Ms. Monroe: Give half to my sister, spend the rest on facial and voice feminization and other femme things. And oh yes, travel.

TGForum: If you could sit next to one person on a plane (alive or dead), who would it be?

Ms. Monroe: Obviously, it is Marilyn Monroe. Who did you expect me to say, Ayn Rand?

TGForum: Finally, what do you value most in your friends?

Ms. Monroe: Honesty, their friendship, and memories together.

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