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No Strings Attached

| Dec 24, 2018 | Reply

Lynda Martini likes to get out and about and enjoy life with old friends and new ones. Just after Thanksgiving she took a road trip to the Washington, D.C. area with some plans and some time for things to just happen. What we present here today is her report on what transpired on her journey. There was a time share pitch to be endured but there was also fun.

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Transgender Girl Dancing the Night Away

| Oct 29, 2018 | Reply

We are joined today by new Contributor Lynda Martini! Lynda is a trans woman from New Jersey who is currently going through her transition. She is a girl who loves to go out and about and have fun. She brings a fresh voice to TGForum and writes about the good things she has found by coming out of the closet. One of those things is the joy of dancing. Her inaugural post, after she introduces herself to you, is all about dancing and how she has come to enjoy the activity after she became Lynda.

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Kim’s Adventure Time — 4 Tips for Improving Your Presentation

| Oct 15, 2018 | Reply

Kimberly Hirschel offers four resources for those exploring their feminine side that help crossdressers of trans women become more confident and able to mix with the general population. These things have worked well for her and she shares them today. Read on and see what the advantages of each resource is and how they could help your feminine presentation.

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Time Marches On, But So Does Fun

| Sep 10, 2018 | 1 Reply

Suzzie has been participating in the crossdressing scene since before it was a scene. She’s been dressing up and going out for fun for 75 years. At one point, while attending a get-together at The Tiffany Club in New England she saw someone in a wheelchair dressed in male attire except they wearing a lady’s shirt. She noticed the way the buttons worked. His name was Bill and he was an older man who Suzzie surmised was unable to fully crossdress but still attended the group’s meetings. That was the first time she noticed that time marches on, and one day she might be that person. But even though adjustments had to be made Suzzie is still living the crossdressing life and having fun.

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What Ever Happened To Kay?

| Jul 23, 2018 | 1 Reply

Linda Jensen is on her summer vacation so this month we’re bringing you a Retro Rerun from back in the day. This article first appeared on TGForum in 1997. Linda has always been a traveler and when she visited other cities in the US and Canada she always brought her femme finery along so she could enjoy the local trans scene. Back in 1982 she found herself in New York City and for the first time learned about the existence of heterosexual crossdressers. She attended the meeting of a group there and met Kay. That’s when the real excitement began.

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More Fun in the California Sun

| Jun 18, 2018 | Reply

Today Kimberley continues her adventures out and about en femme. She has tips on how to blend in with the other ladies and become comfortable presenting yourself as a woman in interactions with members of the public.

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West Coast Adventures

| May 21, 2018 | Reply

In her last post Kimberly told us about her move to the west coast and how she began to experiment with venturing out in public very early in the morning in her office attire. Today she talks about how she has evolved in her presentation as Kimberly’s adventures continue.

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Pub Nights

| Apr 16, 2018 | Reply

Pauline Estelle wanted to learn more about how to crossdress and after her first wife passed away she was ready to reach out to a local support group. She joined Xpressions in the Toronto area and soon found herself being a board member responsible for the board’s meeting minutes. Then she stepped in to take charge of the outings known as Pub Nights. Today she tells you all about her time with Xpressions.

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Stepping Out En Femme — The Early Years

| Feb 26, 2018 | Reply

Kimberly takes you back to those thrilling days when she first set foot outside of her home while dressed en femme. The first year she views as a write-off but she was starting to get her act together by the second year. She was still making mistakes but she was finding acceptance. Take a trip back to those exhilarating days with Kim’s Adventure Time!

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Benefit Performance for The Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive

| Nov 13, 2017 | Reply

When it opens next year the Louise Lawrence Transgender Archive (LLTA) will house an extensive and varied collection of transgender archival materials. LLTA will make hundreds of publications, thousands of photographs, theatrical programs and recordings, now in storage, available to researchers and the public.  Currently the archive facility is in the “finishing touches” phase. The […]

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Pushing the Boundaries

| May 22, 2017 | Reply

Once a year Christine Burr takes a totally femme vacation. In years past she has used hotels and rental apartments for short stays. This year she felt like pushing her boundaries and spent almost two months traveling and living en femme. In order to shave expenses she decided to stay in people’s homes, booking accommodations through AirBnB. The company has a no-discrimination policy but how did it all work out? What did people think when Christine knocked on their door?

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Princesas de la noche — Parte de mi historia

| May 15, 2017 | Reply

Katherine Diaz writes about the attention that trans women in Bogota receive from the male population. Some see trans women as more willing to give a man pleasure if he plies her with compliments on her beauty and femininity. But Katherine is a strong woman who doesn’t fall for their flattery. Unless she wants to. Take another walk on the wild side in Columbia with the Princesas de la noche.

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A First Time for Everything

| Feb 20, 2017 | Reply

Every crossdresser has a tale of the first time. The first time they went out into the world of straight people dressed in their finest femme attire. For some it’s attending a Halloween party. Others decide to get dolled up for some event like a concert or trans friendly movie. Today our contributor Porja Braga tells her “first time” story and encourages you to make it a priority to live your “first time” out and about en femme.

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Princesas de la Noche — “Caminando en Solitario de Noche por Bogotá”

| Jan 23, 2017 | 2 Replies

We present another blog with a video by Katherine Diaz, our contributor from Bogota, Columbia. Today’s installment about life in Columbia is titled “Caminando en Solitario de Noche por Bogotá.” In English that’s “Walking Alone at night in Bogota.” Katherine does it all the time and talks about the experience en Español.

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Princesas de la Noche — “Se dicen llamar Gaadejo”

| Dec 26, 2016 | Reply

Katherine Diaz learned about a group of eleven talented trans artistes who call their theater group/band/art project, Gaadejo. Katherine has a video about the group and writes about them in her native Spanish.

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Princesas de la Noche

| Oct 31, 2016 | Reply

TGF welcomes a trans voice from Bogota, Columbia. Her name is Katherine Diaz and she has produced a video and written a blog post in her native language about trans life in her country. (Those who don’t know Spanish can use Google Translate to get the gist of her message.) Hola Katherine! Welcome to TGForum.

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Linda’s Wonderful Week

| Oct 17, 2016 | Reply

Linda has a deal with her wife that allows her to take off for an entire week, go to some resort she finds interesting and spend the whole week en femme, 24 hours a day. She calls these times her “Wonderful Weeks.” After recently spending a week at a resort in Massachusetts’s famous Berkshire Mountains Linda looks back on the feeling of relaxed acceptance she experienced from the people encountered.

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The Occasional Woman: Plan Now For Next Halloween

| Nov 2, 2015 | Reply

Lorraine Anderson, proprietor of The Occasional Woman seamstress service, has been so busy all of October that she found herself the day before Halloween without a costume of her own for the big night. Being good with deadlines she went to a costume shop for inspiration and came out with an idea that she managed to sew together in one day. She recommends that you take a bit longer to design your costume for next Halloween.

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Elsa on the Streets of San Francisco

| Nov 2, 2015 | Reply

Many girls have the desire to dress up as Elsa from the film Frozen and our contributor Amanda is no exception. This year she decided to do it and do it right with a professional Elsa costume. She and her friend “Cinderella” headed in to San Francisco where they found fun, excitement and some bigoted buttheads.

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Photos From The Henri David Halloween Ball 2015

| Nov 2, 2015 | Reply

Every year since 1968 Philadelphia jeweler Henri David has thrown a gigantic, fabulous Halloween party on October 31. Over 2000 people attend. People spend months working on elaborate costumes. In past years some have used only body paint to create a costume. From sensational to simple there are a lot of men wearing women’s costumes […]

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Tasi With Patti and Friends In Merida

| Sep 21, 2015 | Reply

Tasi is visited by an old friend who has transitioned. She brings her sisters, her friend and her fashion consultant to Merida, Mexico where Tasi lives. They ladies do it all from the beach to dining and shopping. Tasi documents the visit and of course views it through a fashion lens.

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Reflections on My First ‘En Femme’ Outing

| Aug 24, 2015 | 1 Reply

Chanelle Nirok reminisces about the first time she went out for a night on the town as Chanelle. Like all beginning crossdressers she made some mistakes. One of them was to overdress. She found herself to center of attention when she had hoped to just be another woman in the crowd. See what it was like Turning Heads in Tampa.

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Out & About — Girls Night Out @ BSP Lounge

| Jun 15, 2015 | Reply

June 6 party promoter Angelina Vail launched her Girls Night Out party at the BSP Lounge in Kingston, New York. People came from all over the Hudson Valley to party with Angelina and DJCherry Pop. Here’s a report that Angelina sent us when we asked her how the party went. The event was a success! […]

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“When One Door Closes Another. . .”

| Jun 1, 2015 | 1 Reply

Linda was planning to take a ‘girl-trip’ to New England. Her annual visit to the monthly TG party at a gay club near Danbury, Connecticut was to be part of the her planned itinerary. That changed when Linda learned, to her dismay, that not just the party night was done but the club, Triangles, had recently closed closed its doors for good. What’s a girl to do?

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Girl’s Night Out in The Hudson Valley

| Jun 1, 2015 | Reply

The Connecticut Girl’s Night Out party at Triangles is no more, along with the venue. What will fill the void left by its demise? A new party has popped up in the Hudson Valley at a place called the BSP Lounge in Kingston, New York. Jan Brown has talked to the promoter, Angelina Vail, and shares what she has learned about this new party for the LGBT community.

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Video Fashion Tip — Things We’ve Done

| May 18, 2015 | Reply

When a crossdresser finally reaches the point where they can no longer just dress up in the closet and take photos, when they have to step across the threshold and venture out into public en femme, there are some things that everyone does. Victoria Williams goes on location to run through some of the “first time out” behaviors that many of us have indulged in.

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