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Linda Jensen Magazine

| Jun 19, 2023 | Reply

Not to be outdone by Oprah, Linda Jensen has created her own magazine titled Linda. It contains several stories of her crossdressed adventures. The magazine is in PDF Format which can be read in your browser using Google Viewer. When you see Linda on the cover of her magazine look for the “pop out” icon in the upper right corner of her first page. Click to get an enlarged view of the magazine’s pages that is scrollable.

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Fun in the Keystone State

| Apr 17, 2023

Kandi Robbins traveled into Pennsylvania to attend The Keystone Conference held at The Hershey Hotel in Harrisburg, the state’s capital. Today she reports on how the conference turned out.

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Missing Persons

| Feb 13, 2023

Christy Lewis likes to be out and about in the general population. She feels that it’s important that transgender people are seen and that they can safely and confidently put their best (stylish) foot forward. Being a “missing person” means others can define you and they won’t be spreading accolades about us.

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It’s A New World for Crossdressers

| Jan 2, 2023 | 3 Replies

Linda’s friend Katherine/ Katie thought her evening in Orlando was going to be a bust. But, after an encounter in her hotel she’s ready to ditch the gay drag club scene and pull up a stool at the bar of the nearest hotel lounge.

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Kandi’s Busy Month

| Nov 28, 2022 | Reply

if there’s one thing you can say about Kandi Robbins it’s that she is busy, busy, busy. October saw her modeling bridal gowns in two bridal shows. She was selected to be Miss December in a calendar, and she had an online conversation with Tom Hanks. Kandi is so busy that she had no time to write a blog post for TGF so she sent us photos and videos from the bridal shows

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Here Comes the Bride!

| Oct 31, 2022 | Reply

Kandi Robbins is always up to something that feels like it should be extraordinary. She has been in films, walked the runway in fashion shows, and posed for magazine spreads. Today she shares her latest adventure–walking the runway in a bridal show with ten other women. Find out how that felt to Kandi and check out photos from the day and a video.

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Retro Rerun: The Terror of 275

| Oct 24, 2022 | Reply

In 1998 TGF Contributor Leah Maclean wrote about her road trip into Omaha to meet some friends for crossdressed fun. That article is our Retro Rerun for today. For some reason Leah was feeling more confident on that trip and stopped several times to browse cosmetics counters looking for a certain color nail polish. She didn’t find the polish but she did have a pleasant adventure in the Heartland.

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I’m Published!

| Apr 18, 2022 | Reply

Not one to hide her light under a bushel Kandi Robbins gets out and about and is happy to meet and great. That’s how she began doing fashion modeling. She met Jackie Bertolette of Ohio Fashion Week and was invited me to walk her show. That lead to walking in two other shows, including in New York, for Victoria Henley. Today we have photos from Kandi’s magazine appearances and shots of some of the outfits she wore in the shows, along with excerpts of her interview with ALM Magazine.

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Rising From The Ashes

| Mar 21, 2022 | Reply

Kandi Robbins writes about her volunteer work. In her words, “If you want a way to go out, to be accepted, to be part of the mainstream, then volunteer. Give your time. Any charity for which you might work wants help. They will welcome that help and they will welcome you!” Read on to learn about some of Kandi’s volunteer activities.

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Your Wiggle, and Some Fun

| Jan 31, 2022 | Reply

Julie Slowinski posts a tip on how to improve your feminine walk. It’s all about finding your pivot point. Then she shares some of her latest activities including her review of a skirt bought from an online shop and a visit to the theater during her trip to Boston.

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Kandi’s Accomplishments for 2021

| Jan 24, 2022 | Reply

Despite the oppressive pandemic Kandi Robbins managed to make the most of last year in crossdressed activities. Photo shoots, background acting, flying en femme. . . Kandi did all that. Read on to see what more our in-house overachiever was up to while most of us were huddling on the couch binge watching Netflix shows.

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Fantasia Fair—The “Tribe” You Can Choose

| Nov 1, 2021 | 2 Replies

Our intrepid reporter Dana Bevan traveled to Cape Cod last month to attend Fantasia Fair 2021. It’s the grand dame of transgender conferences and has been going on since 1974. First it was just for crossdressers. Over the years changes have occurred. Dana tells you all about the inclusion in this report.

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Halloween Tricks 2021

| Oct 25, 2021 | Reply

Sophie Lynne has written about how Halloween is the holiday that pushed her toward coming out as her true self. She has also written about how to have a fun femme time at various Halloween parties. Today she writes about what not to do on Halloween, particularly if you are not out to your friends and neighbors.

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Retro Rerun: How to Halloween in Comfort

| Oct 25, 2021 | Reply

This Retro Rerun is from October of 2017. It’s advice from The Occasional Woman, Lorraine Anderson, on how to make sure your costume doesn’t attack you and ruin the night. Simple precautions will help you to have a safe, happy, and scary Halloween adventure if you follow her guidelines.

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Gender Shakes and Paint the Town

| Oct 11, 2021 | Reply

Today’s post by crossdressing social butterfly Julie Slowinski is a twofer. First she reports on the fun from an August outing called Gender Shake, and then promotes an upcoming event in Chicago set for early next year. It’s called Paint the Town. Get all the important details in today’s tale of a part-time princess.

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Close Calls, Part Two

| Oct 11, 2021 | Reply

In her last post Linda wrote about how a group of her friends told her stories about the times they were nearly caught crossdressing by friends, colleagues, or family member. Today Linda continues telling their stories about how members of this group came close to having their ‘closets’ nearly blown to pieces.

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A Simple Night Out

| Sep 13, 2021 | Reply

Julie and a friend decide to do a simple night out and visit a burlesque show with a dark arts, Goth theme. She obsesses over a dress, gets compliments wearing it and gets some tips on how to get deeper into burlesque performance. Oh, and she and her friend have drinks, dinner, and fun. Read all about it in A Simple Night Out.

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Things I Have Done!

| Sep 6, 2021 | Reply

Kandi Robbins hasn’t been dressing out and about for all that long but she has a list of activities she has done while en femme. Everything from working at the Space Jam 2 world premier to taking cooking classes, and attending a live action murder mystery. See what else is on her list.

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A Night at Reggie’s 

| Aug 23, 2021 | Reply

Julie’s pal Niki was coming through Chicago on her way to a gettogether in Detroit so it presented a great opportunity for Julie to slip into her new black and white mini skirt and show Niki the town. First up on the girl’s night out was Chinatown where Niki and Julie met up with Coleen, Lana and Rubi for dinner. Then it’s off to find some live music. Read this Part-time Princess tale and find out what they wore, where they went, what they did, and who’s Reggie?

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Feeling The Love

| Aug 9, 2021 | Reply

Kandi attends an art exhibit opening and after having fun there decides to extend her Kandi time by stopping at a local watering hole she has visited before. Will her visit there be more fun or not? We don’t want to give away too much in this teaser but, yes. She has a lot of fun meeting new people and accepting compliments from strangers.

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Feminine Is Fun

| Aug 2, 2021 | Reply

Christy Lewis writes about the joys of femininity. As with most of us on TGForum she finds joy in a pretty dress, visits to her hair stylist’s, and other feminine pursuits. And it may have all gotten started when she was 6-years-old and asked her mother to paint her nails just like her sister’s. Who’s to say?

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Julie’s Weekend With (Mostly) Cis People

| Jul 19, 2021 | Reply

Our girl out and about, Julie Slowinski, hit the streets of Chicago for a weekend of crossdressed fun and she shares all the details with you. From the art museum to live jazz and of course dining and sipping ladylike libations, Julie lets you in on her fun.

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Fun Weekday in the City

| Jun 21, 2021 | Reply

About a week before the “Womanish” outing I attended a zoom meeting hosted by TG Detroit. My friend Niki happened to be there, so I said hi to her in the chat box. Turns out she was planning to be in Chicago the week after the Womanish weekend. After the zoom meeting, we talked some […]

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Finally Out and About

| Jun 7, 2021 | Reply

Here comes the sun and the bad old days are done. Well, not entirely but at least the increased vaccinations have made it possible for people, including our Sophie Lynne, to get out and socialise a bit. After a year or more of isolating and distancing it could just be time to have fun again. Sophie blogs about that and how supporting those places that provide social interaction for trans folks is a good idea.

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Getting the Band Back Together 

| May 24, 2021 | Reply

Julie Slowinski gets the band back together for a Saturday night fun time. The ladies get dolled up and take in an art exhibit called Womanish then head to an upscale eatery for a fab dinner. Be a part of Julie and company’s crossdressing escapade and enjoy the vicarious thrill of being out en femme in Chicago.

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Julie’s Triumphant Return to Boystown

| May 3, 2021 | Reply

Boystown in Chicago is one of the most country’s inclusive LGBTQ+ communities and the oldest officially recognized gay neighborhood in the country. It’s known for its welcoming vibe, nonstop nightlife, LGBTQ-owned businesses, and excellent dining options. Covid-19 put a damper on that nightlife and Julie Slowinski, a normally enthusiastic patron of the area’s offerings, was reluctant to return to her usual haunts over concerns about the lack of social distancing. Last weekend she decided it was time and returned to Boystown. Triumphantly.

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