Transgender Talking Blues

| May 9, 2022
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The semester is over. Grades are in. I’m exhausted. In one of my classes, we were encouraged to do something different, so I tried a poem. I worked on it for months, including researching slam poetry, meter, etc. In the end, this is what I came up with. I’m not saying it’s any good, but here it is.  

Transgender Talking Blues

Look over there, Who you kidding?
You ain’t no girl. No way
hear it all over can’t get away
That I don’t fit the mold

Man, woman, genderqueer.
not binary, it’s a tapestry
move like a ghost tween the genders

Transgender woman over fifty.
Feeling the rage of age
Generation X male at birth
Hormonal displacement

It’s testosterone poisoning
That truth is way too bold.
Because my gender expression
Male bod I did not want

Shoulders like an aircraft carrier.
huge and unfeminine
dad bod with boobs And yes they’re real.
Late Life Transitioning blues

Why would you want to be a girl?
Won’t get paid, won’t get laid
No pants, no penis, no service
Now some person’s fetish

You ain’t a chick cause you don’t bleed
And children can’t feed from
Those tits so obviously fake.
Fake curves, you got some nerve

But I have bled, hits to the head
cuz they say I’m a freak
Bloody knuckles copper flavored
Too much blood in my mouth

And torn dresses, knuckles too large
Painful Arthritic scars
Why is blood required for womanhood?
Defense, offense, no sense

Being trans means knowing some facts
Like that shotgun facial
Is ninety nine per cent lethal
Suicidal Success

Learned that battle was expected
Little boy is bullied
I wish I could just disappear.
Fought all my life- no peace

Put on these pads so you’ll pass, pass
Gotta learn how to talk.
Learn how to walk to Swing that ass
or they’ll discover you

Call me a pretender then strike
Violence, Repression
Call me a faker. Abroad fraud
Gender illusionist,

Because I don’t have a figure
I’m not a Barbie doll
But neither are you, you moron
Because Barbie ain’t real

What does it mean to transition old?
Cut it off? No, they fold
It back inside New Vaginuh
Only if have the cash

Tired of explaining my gender
Is not up for debate
None of your business- You don’t matter
Just let me live in Peace!

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