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Discovery of Lesbians

| Mar 20, 2023

Dana Bevan spent years trying to cover up her feminine nature and present a masculine front to the world. With the passing of her wife Dana began a serious look at herself and realized that she needed to be her true self. After transitioning she thought that the door to dating and romantic relationships was closed and locked. Being sexually attracted to women was the way she was and she had no interest in dating men. A light bulb went on when she learned about lesbians. How did visiting lesbian hangouts work out? Read this post by Dana Bevan.

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Mayo Clinic Advocates for Crossdressing (to Stay Safe during the Pandemic)

| Jan 4, 2021 | Reply

Linda’s friend Mary had questions about how safe it is to have sexual relations with people she had met online during the Covid pandemic. The best advice Linda could find all said no sex with anyone outside your own household is safe. Meeting a part time lover in a hotel room for an evening of erotic pleasure could also introduce the virus into another human body. But some of the advice from a prestigious institution seems to say crossdressing might be one way to avoid infection.

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Christmas Wrapping

| Nov 25, 2019 | Reply

Lynda writes a lot today covering her plans for the holiday season, the effects of taking hormones, how she feels about her scheduled gender confirmation surgery, what sort of life partner she is drawn toward, and what it’s like being an older lady at a younger queer women’s event. It’s pure Lynda Martini seasoned with some good old ‘80s rock. Check in today and see where Lynda is at on her gender journey.

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Spring Cleaning

| Apr 15, 2019 | Reply

Lynda Martini is always busy. After returning from the Keystone Conference she finds herself cleaning her mental house with exercise and preparations for swimsuit season. And since it’s spring time she also finds her thoughts turning to the possibilities of dating. She attends a rooftop mixer and recalls what it was like in those type of situations when she was the guy trying to get a woman’s phone number. Now she hopes to be the woman who gets asked for her phone number. Check in on Lynda’s newest adventures in her blog.

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Back to the Fray!

| Mar 18, 2019 | Reply

Lynda Martini has taken a big step and had breast augmentation and facial feminization surgery. She is out at work and has developed a renewed interest in meeting people who may become romantic partners. She is using a couple of online dating sites and is looking forward to going out on some dating encounters. If the dates don’t work out she’s thinking of getting a cuddly stuffed animal to hug. Today she puts forth her self-created 5 Point Plan for Dating Success.

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TransgenderDate Announces Quick Match Feature

| Mar 4, 2019 | Reply

Our friends at TransgenderDate sent us the following press release about a new service they are offering. Las Vegas, Feb 21, 2019 – TransgenderDate, one of the worlds leading trans dating websites, is delighted to announce their new Quick Match feature. Members are now able to let other members now they are interested in them […]

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Dating While Trans

| Jul 2, 2018 | Reply

Our agender Youth Correspondent tackles the subject of dating while trans and queer. M prefers they/them as pronouns and that one fact makes it hard to connect with anyone for romance. Once M stepped outside the binary they found barriers. For example an online dating site that lets you pick your gender from a long list but then you have to chose how you want to be labeled in search results and you can only be a boy or a girls. Step into Dating While Trans and see what M ran into.

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The Game of Love

| Jun 13, 2016 | Reply

Amanda is a one woman woman and in Cali the vibe is not monogamy. People will say they love you but they love you like they love their latte. It’s a different world for a girl from Pittsburgh, Pa. and Amanda is having a tough time finding “the one.” She hasn’t quit yet. She’s still sorting through the fish in the sea and playing The Game of Love.

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Spotting the “Red Flags” in Dating

| Feb 29, 2016 | Reply

Chanelle Nirok is a young crossdresser who is always looking for a lady to call her own. It’s hard enough finding someone special no matter who you are. Adding crossdressing into the picture makes it even harder. But Chanelle has dated many women and has some advice on what you should keep an eye open for in any relationship. Find out what she feels are Dating Red Flags.

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My Husband is a Coffee Table

| Nov 16, 2015 | Reply

When The Artist D says that her husband is a coffee table she means that he has a fetish for being used as a coffee table by dominates. There are plenty of other what could be considered “odd” fetishes but is there really a line separating the ones that seem strange from more everyday fetishes? Could baking apple pies with a willing partner also be a fetish? Expand your thoughts and read this post from The Artist D.

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The Dating Pool

| Sep 7, 2015 | Reply

After you’ve almost sunk to the bottom a couple of times the Dating Pool becomes less inviting. It can take some time to feel like you’re ready to dive in again. Amanda F. has been underwater in the Pool a few times and now she’s beginning to feel that she’s ready to at least dip her toes in. Does she see love lurking in the depths of the Pool? Or is that heartache doing the backstroke?

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Getting “Leads” in the Dating World

| May 25, 2015 | Reply

Our young crossdresser, Chanelle Nirok, is always keeping an eye out when in boy mode for ladies she can date. Come to think of it, she’s doing that in femme mode, too. To add more of a method to the hunt she has taken experience from her old job where she interviewed people to turn them into sales leads and adapted it to finding eligible dates. For the low down on how you can use Chanelle’s method, read on.

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