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Just Why do Many T-girls Head to Thailand for GRS?

| Aug 3, 2015
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Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunoj and some of his patients.

Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunoj and some of his patients.

It’s one of the biggest decisions any T-girl can make.

Whether such decision is in respect of full GRS or, maybe, having breast augmentation or, perhaps, some form of facial cosmetic surgery, once the decision has been made to have surgery, the next vitally important question to answer is: where do I go?

Despite it being possible to have any and all necessary surgery in the U.S. or one of the European countries, many T-girls opt to come to Thailand–but why?

Well, here are some of the key answers to this question:

  • Vastly experienced and innovative surgeons: Home to world famous, Thai Ladyboys, surgeons in Thailand have for many years been performing GRS and other related procedures on Thai patients, but also on T-girls from all corners of the globe. Many surgeons have been internationally trained and most can make reference on the CV’s to having undertaken surgery on some famous actress, major cabaret star or others figure in the public eye.
    In addition, Thai GRS surgeons have been credited with developing creative surgery and pioneering techniques, including enabling many T-girls to retain sensations in their newly created genitals post-operatively.
  • Well trained, service oriented support staff: Thai nurses and support staff are friendly, hospitable and non-judgmental; add in their own extensive knowledge of support procedures and experiences of dealing with foreign patients and you have a complete “package”–essential in times when you are likely to be highly stressed.
  • Costs of surgery and support: Undoubtedly a big factor as such costs can be one half or less of comparable medical treatment in the West; hospitals and clinic are clean, well presented and generally professionally run–yet their fees remain relatively low.
    Naturally, it’s prudent to check out all fees and what is/what’s not included before booking or arriving for any surgery
  • Variety of locations to choose from: There are well known clinics and hospitals in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. Most T-girls scan the internet, check out forums and chat lines to find their surgeon of choice–although word of mouth recommendations both in respect of the surgeon and the place of surgery tends to be favoured.
    T-girls from all over the world visit Thai clinics and hospitals. One time when I attended a world famous clinic in Chonburi (located between Bangkok and Pattaya) for a consultation, there were at least 20 T-girls (in different stages of transition, ie pre and post op) from places as diverse as Holland, Peru, Korea, Hong Kong, U.K. and the US.
  • Add on a vacation: Either pre-, but more likely post-op, many girls add on some time to take a well earned vacation, either on the beaches of Phuket or Pattaya or in the chaotic exuberance of the capital Bangkok.
    Getting around is easy and worry free, and nobody seems to pay any attention to you. For some it’s often a great way to start to embrace “complete” womanhood and enjoy being out and about as the person they were meant to be.
    Many girls take a short course on honing up their make-up skills, or take time restocking their wardrobes in the (again relatively cheaply) local markets or departments stores.
  • It’s the home of the famous Thai Ladyboy(s): Whether you plan to go and see a show or just admire some of these beautiful, feminine ladies from afar, many foreign T-girls are captivated by the beauty of these women in cabaret shows and the like. Mind you, you can even see some of such ladies working, for example, on make-up counters in department stores, in coffee shops/restaurants or in pharmacies around the country.

So, if you are thinking about or planning GRS, it’s well worthwhile finding out more about Thailand, its surgeons and hospitals/clinics–but given the huge volume of T-girls who head here for the necessary procedures, it’s fair to say that the abilities and standards have already been well proven!


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  1. noeleena noeleena says:

    Hi , Why do some of us go to Thailand simple we don’t have surgeons here who are willing to do surgerys for us and that’s in New Zealand plus I would not jump through their hoops and be told what to do my life I,ll say what happens to my self and did so ,

    I found some good people to give me the help I needed in the Otago part of the south isl, Dunedin, a Good GP Psych and Endo and they gave of them selfs to help . as an intersexed female I had corrective surgerys though did not need to bring up what I was /am

    The cost was 1/3 of what it would cost in NZ,
    and would not cover SRS and BA at the same time the costs are far to high in NZ

    I went to Phuket under Dr Sanguan and language was never an issue and I met many lovely people there over 100 people and had a fantastic time , see my reply in Testimonials , Phuket Plastic Surgery = Thailand.


  2. Gwen Brown Gwen Brown says:

    I went to Bangkok, Thailand in August,15 of 2007 and used Dr Kamol. The staff were wonderful, and tolerant of my happy nature. The surgery went wonderful, and I had very little pain. Dilation began in about a week, and I had good muscular response. They want you to be able to shoot that dilator out like a torpedo.

    These operations take more strength out of you than you expect. It took me a month or so to begin to feel stronger. It took a year to feel normal.

    Two complaints:

    The staff had expected us post ops to get the chance to sight see some of the astonishing sites around Bangkok. Our American coordinator only wished to shop and go to bars.

    I picked up an American drug resistant E Coli infection that I did not know about until I was back in the states. I was scheduled to be in Bangkok for a certain amount of time and the day before I was to fly out, they seemed surprised that I was going home. They wanted me to stay another two weeks and I was out of money. They had not been good communicators.

    About a week after I got back to Portland, Oregon, I was feeling awful, so went to the VA doctor. They immediately put me on a Pic Line IV for a month. The attending Urologist said after I was cured that she thought I would die.

    I assume that Dr Kamol’s staff are more communicative now. If I had it to do over, I would do Thailand in December. As to what you can do about communication issues, I do not know. $12,000 including the flight and accommodations was a great price.


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