What a Poser! My Top 5 Favorite Poses for Photoshoots

| Aug 3, 2015
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Posing for pictures may seem simple at first. So you make a pose, a photo is taken, you upload it to your hard drive, and you’re done. Sounds simple, right? No. What if you come back to a picture months or years later and say: “Look at this photograph! I can’t believe I look like [insert self-judgmental comment here]!” Taking quality photos does not just involve great lighting, great background, and great camera equipment. Well, what if I told you that you can take quality photos even with an old, lower-resolution camera? That’s right, you can – and it all comes down to making the right pose, one can be proud of when you come across it again, months or years later. Today, I want to show you my top 5 favorite poses and explain the meaning and structure of each one. Here they are:

1: Over-The-Shoulder


Over the Shoulder.

This particular pose is great for showing the backside of your outfit, hair, body curves, and sometimes jewelry. To create this pose, you need to turn your back facing the camera, turn 75 degrees to the side — does not matter which side — place hands of the hips (which is more elegant, at least in my opinion) or the waist, in such a way that the closest one to the camera creates an angle, and twist some more towards the camera. Snap the photo and you’re done!

2: Four-Four

The Four, Four

The Four, Four

My second all-time favorite pose is the “Four-Four.” I call it by that name because you can see two number four shapes that are created by the arms and the legs. This is another great pose — particularly for showing off your side profile. The pose is also nice for showing off toned muscles on both arms and legs. This pose is simple to make, but difficult to maintain. Lift up the leg that is closest to the camera, bending the knee, so that it makes a 45-degree angle. Then try your best to balance on one leg, as you recreate what you did with the leg, using the arm closest to the camera. Place your hand on your waist in such a way that your elbow faces the same direction as your back. The other hand will rest on the leg you balance on. If you can balance yourself on one leg, that’s a picture you can definitely be proud of!

3: It Was This Big!

It Was This Big

It Was This Big

This is the easiest of my top 5 favorite poses to make. The purpose of the pose is to focus on the central part outfit, whether it is a dress, skirt-top combination, a romper, or even lingerie. I call it “It Was This Big” because of the positioning of the arms. If your palms face each other, while positioned in opposite directions, they will look as if you’re trying to explain the size of the fish you once caught. When making this pose, positioning of legs, hips, and head do not matter. What matters is positioning of the arms. To successfully create this pose you have to imagine that the palms of your hands emit light and “light” the areas you want to show off by making the palms of your hands face those areas.

4: Lean In

The Lean In.

The Lean In.

In this pose, you lean in, placing your hands on your knees. You can tweak this pose by tilting your head and body differently, but the result will remain the same: you will look approachable and cute. This pose is great for showing body curves, cleavage, hair, nails, makeup, and jewelry. The only challenge here is showing the Adam’s apple if you are not a genetic woman. Collars, scarves, and tilting your head slightly forward will help you hide your Adam’s apple and will help you achieve the desired effect.

[Editor’s Note: I have been involved with the crossdressing community for a long time and this has been a popular pose with CDs for years and years. I have seldom seen a GG pose for a snapshot like this. It does have the advantage of displaying cleavage, if you have cleavage, but otherwise, my own opinion mind you, I feel it looks awkward.]

The Vase pose.

The Vase pose.

5: The Vase

The Vase is an interesting pose for two reasons: 1. it helps you show some hip, even if you have almost none and 2. It can be done in many ways. With The Vase, you need to keep your legs together, stand up straight, slightly leaning to the side, and place your hands on your hips. Your elbows need to be bent slightly so they form handles to your vase-like posture. Leaning is only necessary when you have little or no hips. If you have sufficient natural hips or you pad well, standing straight would be the best route to take. Head, shoulder, and foot tilt can be adjusted as needed. Although this pose is relatively easy to recreated many times over, practice makes perfect and it’s ok if you don’t get it right the first time.

How do you like Chanelle’s suggestions for sexy poses? Do you have a favorite pose? Share your comments with us in the Comment area below.

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