Countdown to Transition

| Mar 12, 2018
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My amazing and seemingly rapid journey into womanhood continues.

As I write these words, it’s been just nine weeks since my first meeting with my therapist. In that time I’ve started on Hormone Replacement Therapy, completed twenty-six hours of electrolysis, developed a transition timeline (start of June) and a public communications strategy as well as one within the government organization where I work.

Have I come up for breath yet?

The transition is only going to seem abrupt to those who don’t realize that I’ve been thinking about it, praying for it, wishing for it, dreaming about it, researching it, for almost fifty years. When people learn that, then they aren’t quite as surprised.

As I slowly expand the circle of people I share with, I’m receiving an amazing amount of positive support. Sure, there are some who scratch their heads, but even they say if this is what I need to do to be happy, then they’re fine with it.

I had one colleague tell me that she will be mourning my male persona and she hopes I understand that others will be as well, because he is — was — a good guy. I thanked her, and said I hope that with time, she and everyone else will learn that Claire embodies the best of him and a whole lot more.

At some moments, I’m impatiently counting the days until the first of June and thinking I’d like to move forward right now, this hour, this minute, this second. But then I stop, step back, and realize that things have come together so quickly, I’m content.

I’m also finding more and more opportunities to go out in public, out of town as Claire. In the coming weeks, two girlfriends are going to take me shopping, and I’m also going to go clubbing with my niece. She’s twenty-one years younger than I am, but she still thinks her new aunt is pretty cool, which really makes me smile.

I told her my male self didn’t know how to have fun very well, but I think Claire is going to have a lot of fun. She said I was probably right.

That’s a young woman wise beyond her years.

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