A Place for my Breasts

| Aug 5, 2019
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After “rediscovering myself” in 2008, I slowly began gathering a wardrobe — and other things to make me appear more feminine such as a corset, wigs, and breast forms.  I eventually also ordered some hip pads from Classic Curves as well.  Eventually, I ordered a set of prosthetic breasts from Proactive Prosthetics in the UK.  They were very expensive, and, well, they took up a lot of room.

the infamous "girls" prosthetic

The infamous prosthetic “girls”

Up until then, I hid everything in “plain sight” in the basement of my mother in law’s (MIL) house, where I lived with my Wife and daughter.  We still had a LOT of boxes down there — my Wife and I moved from a two bedroom house to two rooms in MIL’s house.  The boxes holding my “Sophie stuff” were labeled “boxed games.”  However, I still very much feared discovery.

By this point, I’d invested a LOT of money I didn’t have on this. . . Thing.  It wasn’t a hobby, it was, well, I didn’t know. It was something I didn’t understand, but I knew I had to do it. I also know that it was dangerous and that it could destroy my life.

Which, of course, it did.

So I decided I need a better plan. I started researching prices for things. By this point, I’d already rented a PO Box a few towns over so I could order things online and not worry about them being intercepted. I decided I needed a storage space. This also needed to be several towns away to avoid any possible discovery. So I chose Public Storage. I set up my space such that, if I wished, I could dress in there. I tried buying some battery powered lights, but they never worked out. My thought was that if there were lights, I could spend time dressed in there, or ever get ready there instead of Motel 6. That never worked out though. But it was a great place to store my prosthetic breasts.

On August 31, 2013, I was thrown out of MIL’s house. She’d learned about Sophie. Fortunately, I’d planned for this. Before I told my Wife about Sophie in May 2012, I’d made plans in case she threw me out. In 2013, I enacted those plans. My storage space ceased being a “closet,’ and now held almost all my worldly possessions. My Sophie things moved into the house where I stayed for nine months — and while there I started living my Truth.

Over time, there were roof leaks, and I re-organized it several times, including putting in bookshelves.

Empty storage spaceNow, in 2019, I was moving again. I needed to empty that storage space and transport everything to a storage space near State College Pa., where I was going to begin studies for my PhD. Much of it was on carts which made the initial move easy, but a second trip was needed. I was required to vacate before August 1st, or I’d have to pay for another full month. So, on July 31, I moved the last of it. My left arm is almost useless, and my back is destroyed, but, thanks to my roomie/bestie Linda Lewis as well as my dear friend Rebecca, the work is done.

Is it silly that I felt a pang of regret, seeing that space which I’d occupied so long, and which held my Secrets now emptied? Another chapter of my life ended. Another empty space left behind.

And yes, despite the fact that I no longer need them, my infamous D cup prosthetic is still in its case, and is still in storage, but now in State College.

Another place for my breasts.

Be well.
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