The Occasional Woman: Let’s Talk About Pants, Baby

| Aug 5, 2019
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Men’s tights from way back in the day.

Dear Readers — let’s talk about PANTS. First, a brief history of the pant, or trousers. First, people were naked. Then they got cold, and invented clothing. The earliest clothing was mostly a bunch of fur or some found items. The humans learned to weave, and made thread, then cloth. Most clothing was loose rectangles, such as togas and robes. Loose pants were known in parts of Asia, and the Celts wore leg-coverings which turned into pants; European gents began wearing “hose,” mainly for warmth and horse-back riding, which eventually became . . . pants! For a few centuries, men wore sort of pouffy bloomers, until they realized they looked like toasted marshmallows — enter the wide world of today’s Trousers!

Women mainly adopted the wearing of pants around World War II, as they had to leave the house and go to work in unprecedented numbers. They loved the freedom, and lack of the strictures brought on by trying to work in dresses and skirts.

So, as forward-thinking ladies, we have now the right, privilege and honor to pant up at will! But — which pants?

Women in pants in the 1940s.

The main distinguishing features of pants type are two-fold; short, long or medium-length, and Fullness, whether they are skin-tight, loose and flowing, or a mixture, such as jeans. My advice on pants has a lot to do with where you’re going, what’s the most flattering, and weather!

Long, loose pants evoke tropical locales, and can be very dressy or tight and sharp, or loose and bohemian. A semi-new fashion is the “cropped pant” which we used to call high-waters; they hover above the ankle, and I wouldn’t be caught dead in them. But if you like them, by all means — wear the hell outta them! Next come Capris, or clam-diggers, pedal-pushers, or whatever. The go below the knee, and were often seen in ‘60s surf movies. Again, whatever floats your leggy boat.  

Pedal Pushers

Cut-off jeans.

Shorts! So very many kinds! From Vermont Country Store baggy, distinctly un-sexy Bermuda shorts to their friend the Cargo short, these are great for hiding any hint of femininity, ghastly scarring or hideous tattoos. You might be able to wear some cute linen Bermuda shorts with a lovely top and a jaunty hat, and some nautically-themed jewelry; if this makes you giddy, well go on girl! I personally refuse to quit wearing cut-offs. This is because I don’t care — I LOVE the cut-off jean, and always will. I have one pair of “nice-lady shorts,” but hardly ever wear them. And of course, “hoochie-mama booty shorts” — great for clubbing and gettin’ nasty, but not for tea or a board meeting.

The most important thing in the acquiring of any type of pants of shorts is this: Always employ a three-way mirror. What looks great from the front make cause titters and snorts as you walk away!

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