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    Hi everyone. I am Marcy. 6 years ago. I stopped my transition to take care of my sister, when she lost her leg. Last night 07/19/2019 she had passed away. Her children are taking care of all the arrangements for her, so I can now get back to my transition. But I could use some help.
    If anyone can help I would be greatful. I need 7000 to get back into driving truck, and help getting back on hormones and therapist. I have till the first to get everything set, or I will be homeless. Thanks.


    Hello i live in turkey and i want to come and live to aanother countries such as Canada or Australia or NNZ where transgender population live better than turkey . But I have no support or no friends who give me some informations or advices about it. I speak two languages French and English . I was in Istanbul University and studied franch literature but I had to quit due to my transition to MTF . I have been working as a sex worker in danger like any other trans women living in turkey.Living in these conditions makes me more depressed and more unhappy. I have been struggling with some addictions like meth and benzos such as Xanax. Alternatively I work as a camgirl from computer in adult sites ..
    I am waiting your advices about how to move or come as aslym seeker and how to start for it to take an action .
    Sorry for my English and ntm all you : )


    I’m 35, married, with 2 gorgeous children. I don’t think I could lose my family. I’ve been reflecting on my past and I have been keeping a journal reflecting on my gender identity. I believe I will come to the conclusion of having to either lose my family or myself. I realize there is no book for the things in life that are difficult but I want to know if there is any literature covering late in life realizations. I find it a little difficult to identify with the younger people who have transitioned.


    I can’t tell you the best way to go about pursuing asylum but in the future try to avoid self incrimination. I have been to many countries and I understand life can be much more complicated than places like the US (where I live). But not everyone will be so understanding and some people would use this incrimination to keep you out of their country (see my president). I think you can make a case for yourself without getting into these details. I wish you luck!


    jackies3817 I believe we are in a similar situation. Feel free to email me if you want to talk. I have a quick post with some of my background.


    Disclaimer: I’m here to learn, a lot has happened in the last 30 years and some “not so much.” SO please just view this as the honest question that it is.

    I was reading DR Dana Bevan’s new article “News From the USPATH Convention” and it left me with this question. If someone doesn’t plan to transition, why would they need to be included in the WPATH, which is about transitioning? Is it more of a matter of serving the TG Umbrella?

    Thanks Melissa


    WPATH is supposed to support all transgender people, although right now it does concentrate on those who transition. Currently, no other organization represents non-transitioning transgender people from mental health and medical perspectives. Non-transitioning people need help with individual, marital and family counseling as well as sometimes need medication for depression and other ailments. It is true that WPATH has mainly concentrated on transition but its time for them to pay greater attention to non-transitioners. I am also working with the American Psychological Association to reorient their support.
    Hope this helps,


    Thanks Dana, that clears it up for me. Melissa


    I am new here and I’m needing a little advise you could say. I my self am a cisgender female. I’ve been dating a wonderful trans gender female and we are engaged. We have decided once we are married we will start the full transition stage, my concern is we have removed all gender roles. We are equal she is just as much female, as I am. But I’ve noticed she is starting to place a more male role on me, and I feel like my feminine side is being taken for granted. Is this common during the transition? I’m sailing in uncharted waters. I love her with my heart and soul.. And I would do absolutely anything for her during this time. I want to feel like a women as well.


    Wolfeyedove, I’d sit her down and have a serious discussion. It sounds like your partner is absorbed in the fantasy of what it means to be a woman. They are relying on stereo types to find their place and unfortunately there is not a stereo typical woman.

    You need to determine if she will flex on her image of “womanhood.” While I don’t know you I’ve seen similar situations over the last 30 years. You need to work it out NOW or it will never get better. How you handle this and how she responds while determine the path of your relation ship.

    When she does start transition it will be all she will talk about for a couple of years until she settles down or finishes her transition. Again, all I have is what you wrote but it is bothering you to the point you came her for advice.

    Where is she at now? You said she’d start full transition after the wedding. Does that mean hormones? Transition is Freaking Expensive! Even with insurance she/you two, will still have to pay thousands her transition. Hair removal, therapy, new wardrobe, hormones, facial surgery (if required), breast implants (if required) and not to mention bottom surgery. In 1890 I had awesome insurance and I still hit my out of pockets and deductibles every year. Hair removal was around $8k by it self. Not to mention the time off work.

    You two have much to talk about. You need to see all the answers for yourself and do you OWN research so you can see the big picture without the rose tint glasses she’s probably wearing.

    The 1st house I bought was me. Meaning my hospital bills total, including the insurance company’s portion was over $80k plus weeks of light duty and days off. I spent 30 days in the hospital within a years. I had complications and they do happen at times.

    It’s a HUGE decision that will effect both of you for a lifetime.


    Hi my name is Brooke and I just got my prescription for hormones and blockers today and I couldn’t be happier!!!


    Hello,I am Heidi.Came out 2 years ago as genderfluid finally.Knew I was transgender in a way since the age of 8.Live the good life as female 24/7 and changed my life around becoming much happier.Family has adjust well to the changes although it was tough at first.They see me much happier as Heidi now.I don’t intend to go back as a guy anymore


    AI solid sex dolls will be hot, and the trans gender market is valued.


    Hi, My name would is Melissa, I’ve been Transgender for a few years now after being diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. Probably you have no idea what that is… (it seems no one does, so I have started a campaign to raise awareness for the condition. You can read all about Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and my story at


    Hi, I am new to the forum and not sure if this is the best place to post this I have a question.

    I am married and currently transitioning, with surgery scheduled in a month. My wife, so far is staying but is not a lesbian and says she will not call me her wife or partner nor her husband. Anyone else in this circumstance? If so what is your spouse going to call you.

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