The New Year Brings Fashion Bargains!

| Jan 21, 2019
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The luxury of cashmere.

Hello Ladies! Welcome to the Dog Days of winter-gloom, grey skies, cold, sleet, snow and sadness — wheee. Yeah, it’s ugly, and a lot of us are suitably depressed. But, a girl can only drink, smoke and whine so much —how else might we gain a better high-heeled-foothold on our sanity, our joie de vivre? Big Fat Hairy January Sales, that’s how! And even if you live in Aruba, or Qatar, or San Diego, it’s still emotionally winter, so pay attention, please.

Also, there are always things we will need next year, or until Global Warming takes serious effect — coats, boots, scarves, cashmere, and shoesies.

It just may be time to ditch the ratty bathrobe and Marlboro Lights, pour that gin down the drain, suit up in something clean and hit the stores! Or the computer, but how ‘bout we put on some decent clothes and get the heck outta the house, Okay? Where shall we go?

Nordstrom Rack! I hope we all know about the Nordstrom Rack, which is Nordstrom’s entire store-devoted to fab deals. And hey, if you like paying full price, you just go right ahead and shop the real store. But not me. Or most of you, I shall wager. Take, f’instance, a nice coat. Nordy’s has a very cute and slender Halogen-brand down parka. It was $198.00, but NOW it is $98.90! And cashmere sweaters were $199.00 — how much now? $79.00 to $99.00! Cashmere rules the world for fall, winter and spring wearing — and it makes you feel like a (non-allergenic) kitten is curled up on your chest. I also saw a gorgeous pink fake-fur jacket that was once $148.00 — reduced to $58.50! One could pair this with a beautiful Halogen fake-fur scarf, in several pinkish tones, which used to be $49.00, and is presently on sale for a mere $29.40. I may actually get this myself — the “It” color for next year is supposed to be coral, and this duo is close enough.

V-neck illusion sleeve top.

Macy’s! Good ole Macy’s has its “Last Act” area — it is precisely what used to be known as a “bargain basement.” It is pretty accessible, as types of clothing are sorted and identified — mostly. Skirts are generally with other skirts, blouses with blouses, etc. Sometimes herds of sale-crazed shoppers have torn it up, but one can still find awe-inspiring deals there. Last year I got a denim jacket, reduced to $12.00, and a fake-fur leopard-print vest for $8.00; I sewed the vest inside the jacket, and ended up with a $20.00 fur-lined and collared Levi jacket! I get so many compliments every time I wear it, whether with jeans or an inappropriately-short flirty skirt! One of my fave buys ever. Macy’s presently has a snazzy black V-neck blouse with illusion (sheer) sleeves for $15.93 — originally $44.50! Will never go out of style! I saw some skinny jeans with studs and/or rhinestones down the outside seams for $24.93 — they had been $69.50. Put ’em with the studded skinnies for some dang fashion wallop. And this is a great time for getting your feet a treat — “big-girl boots” from Tommy Hilfiger that were $50.00 but are now twenty-five freakin bucks! Dayum!

Velvet slip dress.

Saks. 5th Avenue. Yeah, I normally don’t even go there — but! It is January — and worth a trip. The best deal I saw was a black velvet slip-dress, which used to be $250.00. Seriously. Now — one would only shell out $93.75 for this real wardrobe staple. This one dress, even at almost $100.00, is an investment. It will always be in style, and can be dressed up or down at whim. A floaty silk sheer jacket in summer, a fur coat and some “diamonds” in winter, add anything from pewter to platinum jewelry and you are done. Another fave was a strappie black lace “bralette” from Aubade, originally $135.00 is now available for $50.62; Cosabella has the prettiest black lace chemise for $41.25, not the old staggering sum of $110.00; you could get these both & wear ’em together for those . . . long winter nights . . . or afternoons. Whatever.

I could go on, and I usually do-but now that you know, you have the opportunity to shed your doldrums and the plaid slippers. Get out there and stimulate the economy — you’ll be doing yourself, and the whole country a favor!

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I am a native Californian who has been based in the Philadelphia area since 1984. My first CD fashion creation was a gold lamé dress for the now esteemed editor of this publication. Since then I have made tons of fabulous frocks and other fashion apparel for the crossdressing and transgender community. Contact me for custom clothing or alterations via email: Visit my Facebook page, @alterationsbylorraine

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  1. StephanieW StephanieW says:

    I found several hots deals around town and keep under budget, well didn’t really have a budget but purchased 5 dresses and 3 tops from TJMax and Dress Barn. The sales lady at the Dress Barn was really helpful, since I was in male mode, she asked for me to stop back in when I am all dolled up. The prices were surprising low…

  2. andiblank andiblank says:

    As a compulsive shopper, I am always looking for your shopping column. Lot of good deals today. But I want to take this opportunity to issue a TWIT to my local Nordstrom Rack. I regularly shop their online site, but was disappointed to find that when I went to the Wayne, NJ location I was told that I had to use the men’s dressing room, even though I present as female. I know that I might be spiting myself, but I now refuse to go into this store. Fortunately, there are many other options available. Like you say, I have been welcome at Macy’s, Saks and Saks Off Fifth, Chicos, and even Nordstrom’s regular locations.

    For those of us on the later side of 45, I would also recommend Talbots. Their products are well-made, and complementary to the mature woman. Many of their locations offer Women’s sizing for those who are “full-figured”. While I regularly shop there, the prices when they offer markdowns of 50-70% cannot be ignored. Further, if you have your original receipt and the tags are still on the goods, they will make a price accommodation. The sales staff are not commission, and try to work as a team. They aren’t pushy, and are only too willing to give you feedback.

    Happy shopping!