Amanda’s Road Trip — Middle to End

| Jan 21, 2019
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On the road in the USA.

So, here I am, as promised in the East, specifically Baltimore, Maryland. I made the trip. I had an adventure along the way. There were so many people who helped me to achieve this long overdue goal, from my family to friends to my HR manager, to my therapist. They all convinced me that I had the strength and courage to make the trek. 

I join my trip in Denver for Part II, picking up where my last writing left off a few days before Christmas. 

Denver was my next stop. There I got my first free stay. A friend took me in and I had two nights of good rest. I also got to see my ex-partner Jess. It was so great to see her. We watched her Ravens play at a sports bar. I also got to finally get my Mom’s old 45’s that I forgot to get from the PODS that Jess originally shipped to The SF Bay Area. (Long story. See my column in TGForum from about 4 years ago for the story of why I went to San Francisco and only Jess’s possessions did.)

After Denver, the only exciting things were seeing Nebraska, Iowa and a bit of South Dakota and Wisconsin. I made sure I hit all of those states to check off 4 more. I want to visit all 50 and have not too many more left now. I wound through these states on my way to Chicago. Chicago was impressive. It is a huge city. I liked the vibe. The tall buildings seem endless as you keep driving parallel to the lakefront. The canal area with the drawbridges was incredible at night. I took so many great photos. I almost didn’t want to leave. It’s a cool city. I like it and I’d love to return. 

The Windy City

After a stop over in Lima, Ohio, I made my glorious entrance into my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. It actually felt a little strangely unfamiliar. I had not been there in 5 years. It was familiar, but yet, weirdly foriegn-feeling. I actually cried because I wanted to really enjoy being home, but something felt off. I had a Primanti’s “sammich” at the original Strip District location, a Pittsburgh icon, and I drove up to the Mt. Washington overlook. The view up there is exhilarating, especially at night. My city light up like a million jewels. 

I settled in for the night at a place that I realized that I stayed in my crossdressing days before transition. I had forgotten all about staying at this place. But things started to come back the moment I parked in the sunken lot. I remembered. It was a Red Roof Inn in Monroeville PA, an eastern suburb of Pittsburgh. I had dressed and then went shopping at Old Navy. It was so cool to remember. I think it helped me to feel more grounded in my home area. 

The next day I saw family and had a meal at King’s restaurant two times and at an Eat-N–Park, two more Pittsburgh legends. It was especially great to see my cousin Tim’s family for the first time as a female. The kids and his wife were absolutely fine and I felt totally comfortable. They acted as if I had not changed at all. It was cool. Family acceptance is so damn important. I am really lucky. Oh  there are a few holdouts, but maybe they will come around someday. 

I wanted to be home for Christmas, but ended up in Chicago for Christmas, which was kind of a great place to be. I ended up arriving in Baltimore on Dec 29th, 2018. It was my Mom’s birthday. I think I gave her a present by arriving safely in the East. She had been worried sick about me in California. 

It’s been 3 weeks here in Baltimore. I’m still adjusting. It’s going to take a while. I’m starting to explore and learn the city. It took me years to learn the Bay Area. So, I’m not in a big rush. I know enough, and thank goodness for Google Maps. I still have yet to unpack and am still awaiting my 401k money from my retail job. I will be re-applying here soon, but decided to chill out for a while before I join the rat race again, hopefully on my way up to a real, full-time job. First Things First. I made it. I’m here. Now what? We shall see.

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  1. stacey.eyes stacey.eyes says:

    Welcome back to the other coast! I have been following your time out West, and hope things are going well. You may know about an active group where you are now, the Baltimore Trans Ladies Alliance, which you can find on Meetup if you haven’t already. I know they would welcome you with open arms and make some instant friends. It is part of a network of trans groups in the Mid-Atlantic region.