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The New Year Brings Fashion Bargains!

| Jan 21, 2019 | 2 Replies

The cold of winter beats against our dwellings here in the northeastern United States. Many take refuge in a hot toddy, or perhaps a soothing and warming mug of hot chocolate or tea. What could be better than the shelter in your warm abode as the icy winds blow? Just one thing — bargain shopping! Right now the sellers of lovely lady’s attire are having fantastic clearance sales! Today Lorraine Anderson, head seamstress of The Occasional Woman custom clothing service, tells you about all the bargains to be found.

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The Occasional Woman — Holiday Bargains!

| Nov 27, 2017 | 1 Reply

The holidays are a time when there are parties, events, social gatherings, and it’s expected that a lady will show up in something elegant, sexy and beguiling. How do you accomplish that on a budget that may have been over stretched with other holiday expenses? Lorraine Anderson, the lady in charge at The Occasional Woman custom clothing service recommends you dig for bargains. She suggests some places near her Philadelphia area headquarters.

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Retro Rerun: Stalking The Elusive Bargain

| Jun 5, 2017 | Reply

This Retro Rerun from the TGForum Archives originally was published back in the ’90s. Some of the prices mentioned are a lot lower than we have today and some of the stores mentioned have disappeared into the mists of time. In general what I wrote back then is still applicable for a trans person who […]

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The Occassional Woman — Let’s Go Shopping!

| Jan 23, 2017 | Reply

It’s the time of year when a woman’s thoughts turn to bargains. Lorraine Anderson is not only an accomplished seamstress and custom clothing creator, which she does under the business name The Occasional Woman, but she is an accomplished bargain shopper. Today, while devoted to the bargains spots to be found in her local Philadelphia area, she has tips on where to get great clothes at bargain prices. Some of the spots she mentions are in national chains and others are local thrift shops.

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