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The Occassional Woman — Let’s Go Shopping!

| Jan 23, 2017
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Dear Readers,

We can all see that it is still winter, and yet we are supposed to be all excited for Spring, and indeed, shopping for it. And you can, if you are possessed of bucket’s ‘o’ money! But if you are not, then this is a spectacular time for bargains! Especially if you know where to look.

I was just at good ole Macy’s, and shopped around in the regular-priced neighborhoods; no way does your author believe in paying full price for duds! So I passed up the frothy little t-shirts and skirts, and headed to my favorite Macy’s shop — the Last Act. In this area, usually hidden down by rugs and “petite” clothing, is a humongous array of what is deemed to be “Outdated” or “last season’s” clothing. But don’t be fooled — there are plenty of current fashions down there, including nice tops, excellent pants AND dresses and skirts. [Editor’s Note: There is also a Last Act for the junior department in most stores.] I got a swell long-sleeve turquoise blouse for . . . $9.73. It’s rilly sweet, and I shall have fun in it. They also have leggings, sweaters (cuz it’s gonna get cold again soon!) and jackets.

There is always Nordstrom Rack — The one in King of Prussia, Pa. has recently moved from the top of the hill overlooking the King of Prussia Mall to a new shopping area just off Swedesford Road that’s called Town Center. There’s also a Philadelphia downtown Nordstrom Rack in the former site of Daffy’s at 17th and Chestnut Street.

I want you also to consider Consignment and Thrift Shops — many of the hooty-toot Mainline ones are stuffed with fabulous clothing, a lot of it only worn once. The Haverford Hospital Thrift, Riddle Memorial Thrift, and the Junior League shops are all good examples of great, pricey clothing cheap. Also consider the Salvation Army in Manayunk, on Pechin Street — well-sorted and organized wear, with usually a nice smattering of Vintage wear, and a dressing room! Main Street Manayunk has several consignments shops, but most seem to be for small people, lacking shoulder girth and longer arms. But one never knows, do one?

Feeling adventuresome? Try a visit Over the Bridge — take the Ben Franklin Bridge over to Route 130 South, where you will find the always-surprising Village Thrift. It is giant, and so well set up you hardly have to look! And now it has dressing rooms. Plus, one of South Jersey’s favorite large, fabulous and kind of bizarre eating spots — The Pub. Go for lunch!

My best advice? Make it a Girl’s Day, and go with a friend or two. These friends will be honest with you concerning what looks good, and the best will also troll for things you and the other ladies will like.

And remember — many tings that you love but that don’t fit perfectly can be altered. I know somebody who has been doing this for a hundred years — it’s me.

Happy shopping, and remember to have fun!

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The Occasional Woman

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I am a native Californian who has been based in the Philadelphia area since 1984. My first CD fashion creation was a gold lamé dress for the now esteemed editor of this publication. Since then I have made tons of fabulous frocks and other fashion apparel for the crossdressing and transgender community. Contact me for custom clothing or alterations via email: [email protected]

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