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Metamorphosis Chapter 23

| Aug 13, 2018
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The beating of drums snaps me back to attention. I guess this memory is gonna  have to wait a little while. Steady and in rhythm like a dance club. Bum-bum bum-ba-dum bum-bum bum-ba-dum. Guug shoots me a curious look, I don’t have an answer for the fantastic beast. NONE.

Lydia has once again disappeared. Fabulous… not. With raised eyebrows, I respond to Guug’s unspoken question, “Don’t ask me. I have no damn clue.”

“It’s him! The evil man,” Guug grunts.

“Obviously, duh.”

I doubt myself for some strange reason. I think maybe this mysterious beat has more to do with me than the nefarious Magistrate. The evil eye that seems to have my worst interests in mind. When I see his little face, I’m gonna give him a left hook. Some things you don’t forget, and I know how to throw a haymaker, when I need to. The story about Charlie the bouncer and the night I met him is so relevant right now.

After collecting myself, nearly drowning in tears, I had responded to Charlie the bouncer, “He’s a chaser. Let’s just keep it at that.”

“A chaser?” I remember that bewildered look because it was the same one Guug gave me when the drums beats began. 

“Charles, darling,” Lydia started, “A man who just wants her because she is trans, nothing more. Just an object of his desire he can toy with whenever he pleases. Never telling his friends or family out of shame or guilt.”

“That’s not very nice. Actually… quite mean. But, may I ask, what exactly did he say?”

“We were in an argument. I challenged him on why I have met none of his friends or family. One day, I saw him on the street with his sister. I went over, insisting he introduce us. After all, he said he loved me. We had been intimate for months. I had the right!” I stated.

“Yes you did, girl. Yes, you did. You had every right,” Lydia affirmed.

I drew in a deep breath, fighting the emotions back so I could finish this story, “He pretended he didn’t know me then used… He called me by my dead name then mis-gendered me in front of his sister. On purpose.”

“Your dead name? I’m so confused,” Charlie almost couldn’t keep up with the terminology. We were determined to teach this man everything in one evening, so if he ever faced this situation he wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

“Honey,” Lydia interrupted, “the name she used to have before she transitioned into becoming this beautiful woman you see before you.”

“I don’t know about beautiful,” I shrugged,

“Shuddup. Yes, this girl you see was treated like a side piece of meat. And then this creep follows her here because he knows he lost her for good.”

“Adam?” Charlie quizzed.

“Yes. He’s here. Fuck him. I don’t even care.” I affirmed.

Within seconds of finishing the thought, someone cast a shadow over the table in that biker bar. We all looked up, and it was Adam standing right there in front of all of us. His eyebrows were knitted together, and smoke was billowing out of temples. He fell back as he tried to speak, I could tell he was wasted. More so than Lydia and I.

“Adam?” It shocked me he trailed us to this little bar in the middle of nowhere. “Why are you here? I don’t want you here.”

Charlie shot straight up and the chair beneath him drifted away and tumbled over. He snarled at Adam, pointed his finger, and commanded, “You need to leave now. These ladies don’t want you here.” Lydia’s jaw was still dragging on the floor.

“Oh, so now I’m the enemy,” Adam begun, “Raquel please hear me out.”

“I don’t want to listen to your douche bag lies. How the hell did you find us?”

“You’re still sharing your location with me on the iPhone. I had to see you. I hear you’re leaving and I don’t want you to go.”

Yes! We were going somewhere far away from a world that wouldn’t or couldn’t accept folks like us. But where? Things are still fuzzy, but I think I remember why I am here… in this world. It’s the where that’s a mystery. There the drums go again!

“Adam, you proved that there are just too many guys like you. Too many lies. Too much bullshit. I can’t. I just can’t.”

“You stalking bastard, you need to leave before Charlie here mashes your face in,” Lydia instigated. I put my hand on her shoulder as if to say ‘I got this.’

Charlie stood there with arms folded. He would have bounced Adam out of that club if I desired it. But I needed my closure before I left for good. Before it was over. I wanted it to be over. I was done.

“Charlie, give me a second. Adam, I gave you a chance. Multiple chances. I’m just good for sex and fun. I need love. I desire and deserve the deepest of loves. I will no longer settle for any less. You called me by a man’s name in front of your sister, then pretended I was someone you barely knew. I will go to that place. It’s the right time. There’s nothing here for me anymore.” Not tears nor emotions came spilling out of me, I knew it was officially over. I was all cried out.

“Okay, man. Have it your way dude. I don’t even care,” Adam snipped with a vindictive tone.

“Don’t mis-gender me. Just don’t.” I demanded and stood up and leaned into his disgusting face. The same face I once thought was one of the prettiest I’d ever seen.

“What do you care? You and your boyfriend, Larry are going to your little club house. I came down here for a blowjob. I’ll just pay for it.” Adam snickered as he looked at Lydia and I together.

I couldn’t help it. My arm just flew away from my body. I threw my whole shoulder, arm and all, into that piece of shit’s face. At that moment, with blood gushing from Adam’s nose, and sprawled out on the floor—‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson played. Why ‘Beat It’ was playing in a biker bar, I’ll never know but someone paid for it to play on the jukebox. Charlie tossed that bastard out of the club, and every biker in the place was clapping. I felt like such a hero.

Wait! The sound of beating drums matches the song. There was one more time when it played and it was so memorable. Even more so than that night in Key West. It was at a party. This world is running parallel to all of my experiences. The Magistrate isn’t playing that beat; I am. I have to follow it.

“Come on Guug! I know the way out of this shitty swamp! Follow me,” I sprint towards the heavenly sounds.

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