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Fashion for Trans Girls Over 50

| Aug 13, 2018
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Looking at a younger woman wearing a dress, possibly sized somewhere between “0” and”6” makes me quite envious. However, all is not lost. The first thing to do is stop kidding oneself. You are no longer 25 years old. One can dress attractively, even sexily with help from the internet. There are lots of examples of women in their 70s or even 80s who look very beautiful. Obviously they get a lot of help if they are models or film stars. But there is no reason we can’t do a good job. With a little help of course.

When researching female film stars think of those who are your contemporaries. Most of them have websites to promote themselves where their best photos are displayed. Older runway models are a little harder to find but they are out there. There is a model being promoted at the moment. Her name escapes me, but she is tall, elegant, grey haired and striking, and over 70.

“Practical” styles from Fashion Week London, 2018.

Most of the clothing on display in the stores starts off on a fashion show runway in Rome, Paris, Milan, New York and London. At the risk of sounding parochial, Canadian fashion is also quite elegant and of good quality. The originals are sold to stores and promotional businesses which modify the design somewhat to make them marketable to the general public. The smaller lesser known designers have to wear out a lot of shoe leather to promote their products.

Now you have to decide the type of appearance you want the world to see at any given time. Elegant, smart, sporty, business like, casual, or rough and ready to name just a few. Your body size and shape is a major factor. Here our old buddy Google jumps in to help. ‘Wiki, How to do anything”/ ‘how to dress for your body type,’ is a good example of the information available. There are lots of online stores such as Wish and Venus that have a plus size section as do regular stores such as Macy’s. Larger girls are becoming more acceptable on the runways so things are improving. However, every girl is different and very short skirts and 6” platforms will not work for all.

I should discuss dress and clothing style here but I am going to save that for another blog. I will do some research and maybe include pictures as well.

I don’t want to sound disrespectful but our female persona is encased in a male frame which is hard to hide.This can be changed to a degree with strategic padding. It doesn’t always follow but your “forms” should be proportional with your chest and shoulders. The Breast Form Store will help you here. Padded panties with side and rear padding help a little. Good quality corsets or waist cinchers are an excellent waist trimmer but take time to get used to. Like everything else, you only get what you pay for. More sophisticated types of padding can be very expensive.

Hair is another area where one has to be equally careful. Again the wrong style wig can make you look old. A wig with a very young style can have the opposite effect and make you look too young. You have probably noticed that a lot of older women wear a similar hair style. Usually short with tight curls and possibly an unusual color. It’s like a uniform. Your hair can suit your age but still be stylish. Go on line for ‘Paula Young,’ she has a very good return system.

If you are lucky enough to use your own hair the same ideas apply. Shop carefully for a hairdresser. There are a large number of photos showing hair styles for older gals. Google it. You might be surprised.

When I first met her, my wife accused me of being frumpy. I was a little put out at first but finally gave in. I must admit she was right so I don’t have much of my original clothing left. She used to work in a dress store that catered to ’The Mother of the Bride’ type of clothing and a lot of ‘Prom’ stuff. I have learned a lot as a result so I am hoping I can pass some of this information along.

If you have friends who are in the same frame of mind as you, work together and bounce ideas off each other. It will give you confidence. One has to try lots of things to put together an acceptable wardrobe. Even where you live makes a big difference.

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  1. I believe the model you’re talking about is Maye Musk, mother to Elon Musk. At 70, she looks fantastic and is still modeling.

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