I Am a Woman

| Jul 11, 2022
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I am a woman. Now you can get a dictionary and argue that I am not. You can run a DNA test and argue that I am not. You can ask a doctor and argue that I am not. And I am not interested in arguing with you.

Allow me to make a analogy. Was Michael Jordan an NBA player? Yes. Is someone who sat the bench in one single NBA game and never did so again, an NBA player? Yes they would be. Are they comparable as players? Of course not. Well, that is me in this discussion, I am a woman, much like that bench warmer is an NBA player.

I comport myself as a woman.

I present myself as a woman.

I do not act like a “tranny”, I am not a “gurl” or “tgirl”.

I have definitive proof, in thousands of public interactions, that I am accepted as a woman. I paid particular attention to how others have interacted with me at a few events I worked for The American Heart Association and The Arthritis Foundation recently. I was treated as if I were a cis-woman. Is it the situation, with more enlightened people around me at these events? Possibly. Are many of the people simply more comfortable around me, having gotten to know me? Maybe. Is it a general change in society that others may be more sensitive to the gender presentation of those they encounter? Could be.

Watching people at Pride, it is apparent many have no interest in presenting as women. They wish to achieve some type of feminized version of themselves. Non-binary, along the spectrum, all things I simply cannot relate to. Of course, all TG folks weren’t necessarily there and there is nothing wrong with doing this. Nothing at all wrong with it, but it seems to be more of the current generation that defines themselves as non-binary.

It’s just not me, not my goal, not what makes me happy. I accept them for who they are and will support them in any way possible, as I recently did at the Queer Prom. I do put my money where my mouth is, walk the walk, talk the talk, so to speak. I felt completely out of place at Pride this year. I also felt horribly out of place at the Miss Gay Cleveland pageant. I was the square peg, many of the others were the round ones. We are all pegs, I’m just not the one that fits in there.

I will always continue to be the best woman I can be. To represent my sisters and leave a positive impression everywhere I go. But I am what I am and it appears that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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Kandi is married with two grown daughters. Her wife is fully supportive. Under normal circumstances, she goes out usually three times a week, either to her church, as a volunteer or to do what women do! She volunteers for over 25 organizations and makes no apologies about who she is and has found complete acceptance by the general public.

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