Elsa on the Streets of San Francisco

| Nov 2, 2015
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amanda01-11-2-15I decided that this year, I would live out a fairly new dream and become The Queen of Arendelle from Frozen, Elsa. To me, Elsa is so important of a figure to the trans and greater LGBT communities. Her story arc is eerily similar to being trans or gay. Hiding feelings, concealing your true self to the point of hurting yourself and your family, mentally pulling away, and of course, finally letting it go and becoming your free, true self in the end.
My costume was quite elaborate. Being one step from custom made, it went for $150 online. I got a discount on it thankfully and got it for $130. This Halloween cost me a pretty penny. It was worth it though. I wanted it perfect. I loved being Elsa. I REALLY loved it.
It took me some 4 to 5 hours to get ready. I wanted everything to be perfect, or as close to perfect as possible. I got some really nice makeup and tried to get as close to Elsa’s makeup as my testosterone-affected face would allow. The eyes were crucial. Purples, magentas, silver and plums made up the layers on my eyes. A magenta pink on the lips, not too much rouge to give that paler look. I decided to use liquid makeup on my face. I had not used that for years since the discovery of MAC Studio Fix. I liked it. I, of course, went back to L’Oréal Tru-Blend. I liked the way it covered, just like in the old days. I may actually use it here and there now.
The dress felt so incredible. The satiny material felt so slippery and sensual on my hose-ed legs. I don’t get to feel that feeling much anymore with all of the Target Red & Khaki I wear. It was a great way to take back my femininity. The upper part had sequins and shiny little iridescent sparkles making a V at the breasts. The train was really one of the awesome points too. It was a delicate, iridescent, meshy/lacy material with bold snowflake patterns on it.
Underneath, I borrowed a luscious corset that was blue and pink that had pretty lace and ribbons and looked like it was straight out of Elsa’s closet. It really made me feel extra fem. It was an over the breast type and so I needed some “chicken cutlets” for some enhancement. They stayed in place pretty well. The corset held them nicely. My shoes were actually dark teal. A little more Frozen Fever than Frozen, but I made them my own with the cuts into ice shapes a bit plus some sparkly jewels. It all worked well.
amanda02-11-2-15I started off going toward San Francisco but deciding to stop off at work just to kill time until my cohort, Cinderella was ready. She was with her kids all day and had to finish up and put them to bed. People were surprised to see me at work. I wondered how I appeared to everyone and whether it changed their perception of me, including maybe hinting that I was different. I think I looked great so I didn’t worry too much. Work people are really cool. It felt really incredible to be out in the world as my fantasy self. It made me chuckle as I drew parallels to my first time out as a “girl” in 2010. That was an important day. A year later, I was transitioning.
In hindsight, I should have stayed in Berkeley. The assholes and drunks were out last night for sure. For the first time ever, I was called a “faggot” and got hit with a coat by some piece of s**t bigot. I think it was the both of us together that drew his ire. This incident marred an otherwise pretty good night. It made me feel angry. Even in central SF, the apparent LGBT capital of the world, people can be ugly bigots. I wanted to beat that guy’s face in. I really did. I was angry and thrown for a loop. I kept envisioning pounding his face in and with every hit, thinking of all of my Sisters who have been hurt. But . . . that wouldn’t be safe. That wouldn’t be smart. I gave him an incredulous look and moved on. It was disappointing. I probably won’t go into SF on Halloween again. Maybe the Castro next time, but that’s iffy. Just too many assholes and drunk guys not leaving us alone. One guy was groping us and followed us onto the cable car. It was uncomfortable. I finally put the kibosh on his ass. Of course, he left in a slight huff. No wonder I love women. They actually saved the night with their excitement at meeting Elsa and Cinderella out on Halloween. I certainly enjoyed their jiggly exuberance.
In the end, it was overall a good experience. I enjoyed the parallels to pre-transition Halloween. I felt super feminine as Elsa, I had good company in my friend Cinderella, I endured the good, the bad, and the ugly on the streets, and just enjoyed my day off. San Francisco may be the LGBT capital in terms of numbers, resources and tolerance, but with that heightened profile, it also sadly and surprisingly brings out the bigotry. It’s definitely not a panacea. However, it’s my home, flaws and all, and I refuse to let any morons steal my sparkle.

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