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Early Adventures in the Early Morning

| Mar 26, 2018
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When I first started presenting in public as a female, I did not quite know what to expect and I just did what felt right on any given day. Because I have a spouse and (at the time) a young child, I knew that going out frequently in broad daylight or in the evenings probably wasn’t going to go over too well, unless my family happened to be out of town visiting relatives. That, plus there is always the “neighbor factor” to consider. I didn’t especially care if my neighbors knew I was a part time t-girl, but my spouse didn’t want the neighbors knowing anything about my adventures.

At that particular rental house we did not have a garage, we parked our cars in the gravel driveway and it was necessary for me to step outside to get into my car (and reverse the process when I got home). Naturally being an early bird, I would get up long before sunrise, get dolled up, and go out to Krispy Kreme doughnuts and the Rite Aid drugstore, or Denny’s and the Rite Aid drugstore, or whatever I decided to do on a given morning. Denny’s, Rite Aid and Krispy Kreme were all open 24/7, so the early hour was not an impediment.

In those early days I always overdressed. I think the reason most t-girls who first start presenting in public tend to overdress is because most of us did not get a chance to be feminine and dress up when we were young. So there is a certain process of getting that out of your system that may take years before transitioning to the more casual clothing most women wear out in the early morning when they are not working.

For the first few years when going out, I would wear a blouse, knee length black skirt, two and a half inch black leather pumps, and generally a nude shade of pantyhose (although sometimes black). During the cool months I would don a ladies coat or jacket with gloves. This pattern continued for a couple of years, and I would often go out several times weekly because I found the experience so mesmerizing. The joy of being treated as a woman by both ladies and men was simply wonderful. After a couple of years of this, we moved to the West Coast, where a new set of adventures would begin, which I will tell about in my next post.

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My name is Kim, and I'm a non-op transsexual. I love to correspond with others who have an interest in feminine beauty, gender illusion, and related subjects. My goal is to look like the genetic girls in the J. Jill or Sundance catalogs, so I keep myself as realistically feminine as possible. I go out as Kim very often and delight in being a woman, with all that it entails! My height is about 5-7 and I weigh about 145 lb. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a female, and that desire is intense. Given that fact, I'm a TS rather than a CD/TV. In general, I am more of a daytime mall chick rather than a nighttime party girl. Other interests: I'm like the Energizer Bunny with regard to exercise!

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