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Tips on Passing for Older Girls

| Mar 26, 2018
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I am not going to tell you how old I am but I would be surprised if there are too many members older than me. Age brings its problems. Sore joints aching muscles and many other physical difficulties. If possible, one has just got to live with these problems. The real trick is in the head. Do not submit and let yourself feel old.

I was once told that older CDs find it easier to pass as male female facial appearance tends to emerge a little when one gets older. Until I open my mouth, I don’t experience many problems passing. On one occasion I was complimented heartily by an almost total stranger.

Work on your flexibility, and what is more work on the wrinkles. There are a myriad number of facial products on the market and my only recommendation would be use one that has been around for a long time as there must be a reason that it has. Avoid the scams on social media. There are no magical potions. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Rule number one is do not try and dress as a twenty year old. With the ‘look at at me outfit ’ flags go right to the mast head. On the other hand one does not have to be frumpy. Select clothing, make up and hair styles that are up to date but age appropriate.You have probably noticed that older grey haired women tend to all wear a similar hair style. It is almost like a uniform requirement. One does not have to do that. Whether it be a wig or your own hair select an attractive age appropriate style and if you are already grey and wish to alter this be careful with the color you select

I have a theory that crossdressers and trans folk should not be noticed at all, this means they are just fitting in. So one has to dress according to the activity you are enjoying. There is a tendency for younger women to dress in a very casual manner such as wearing sweat pants and tops, or other very casual styles out to the mall or to the grocery store etc. This is fine and if you can imitate this and not lose your femininity terrific. However, one is inclined to look more masculine in this type of outfit so again be careful. On the other hand you can’t go shopping in a cocktail dress or a smart business outfit, or wear an evening gown to go hiking without being noticed.

A good example of this kind of thing was demonstrated to me a little while ago when my wife and I were at a trans event. Talking to one of the other attendees she complained to me that she had been asked to leave two restaurants while dressed. She was a transsexual living full time as a women, but had not had re-assignment surgery. She told me that all her official documentation had been changed to represent her new gender. In my opinion however, the fault was how she presented herself. She did not seem to try very hard to create a female persona. Her hair was unkempt, her arms had visible hair and her clothing was untidy. In other words she looked like a guy in a dress. If one hopes to be accepted in the community one has to work at it. Just showing up with female identification documentation is not enough.

I would now like to talk in general terms about the elements of appearance that I think are important. Starting with the head — the wig — if you have to wear one, it can be bought easily. While I don’t have a large number of wigs we have found buying online is generally okay. Depending on one’s head size

The outer clothing is the next item. One can take a very plain cheap dress and accessorize it to make it most attractive. Jeans and leggings are okay. When wearing leggings, make sure your top comes down far enough so that everything is well hidden.

Shoes are very personal. As one gets older, it becomes more difficult to wear high heels. Wedges can be substituted for heels and still look attractive but give more balance.

Makeup is a complex subject which I am not qualified to talk about and lingerie does not really enter this discussion at all.

In the future, I hope I can develop a blog on accessorizing and dressing up plain items and making them look good. My wife is very good at this and I sure she will help me.

Pauline Estelle

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I was born in England in 1935 and spent fourteen years in British Navy starting in 1951. I married in 1958 and stayed that way for 51 years. My wife gave me 3 sons all now in their fifties, only one knows of my little pecadilo. Four grand children all in or completed University. I emigrated to Canada in 1968. Worked for the oil, gas and power industries until I retired at 66. My first wife died of cancer in 2009. I was introduced to Gail by a mutual friend and we have been together six years and married for three. Gail was aware of my crossdressing before we married and supports it wholeheartedly with some rules. I have to be Paul some of the time, which is fair. I am a Libra and I own it.

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  1. sallees56 sallees56 says:

    Nice to the point article. I agree completely. I go out a few times a month mostly day to malls or tourist sites. I dress usually in jeans or long skirt, sneakers or boots and enough makeup to look fem and enjoying my adventure.I seldom get read at least not that I notice. But I know that I do sometimes or at least leave them guessing. I dress to blend, 5’10” 170

  2. says:

    I look forward to your blog, I’m getting on and would appreciate any thoughts you might have. I totally agree with the presentation in relation to age, I’d also add body shape to that. Blend in rather than standing out because you are wearing a mini skirt/dress and stilettos. If one is serious about being a woman of a certain age in public, dress appropriately.

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