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Metamorphosis — Chapter 19

| Mar 26, 2018
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There was a time, in between understanding myself and playing sports, where my father would come into my room late in the evening, and have wonderful conversations with me. Around the time I was twelve, my brother had confessed his sexuality to my father and this weird bond formed between us. For those brief moments, I cast all feelings aside and just enjoyed my father’s company night after night.

One night in particular I had heard a pack of howling wolves in the distance and ran to a window in my room looking for them. I separated the blinds and peeked through just in case one of the monsters noticed me. Like I said, I was only twelve. Instead of wolves I squinted and saw the faint outline of what appeared to be two red glowing eyes hiding within the shadows. I had watched a movie about werewolves earlier that evening and I’m sure the film caused most of the hysteria I felt. I remember screaming out for help and my father came to the rescue.

“What is going on in here?” Dad brought his shotgun with him and my mother stood at the doorway while I peered at both of them from a tiny hole underneath a mound of blankets I hid under. “Well?”

“I’m freaked out, I saw werewolves in the woods, dad,” I muttered from underneath the covers.

“Werewolves! Werewolves. Werewolves?” He laughed at me as he unloaded the shotgun, clicked on the safety, and sat on the corner of my bed. He reached his hand under the covers and grabbed me by the foot and pulled me out onto the floor.

“Dad!” I shrieked as he continued to laugh.

“There are no werewolves. No such thing. This is the last time you watch scary movies before bed.”

“I see their eyes -– glowing outside the window.”

“Mark, calm down. Let’s take a look together.”

“I don’t wanna!”

“You have to face your fears sooner or later. If you don’t then you will never conquer them.” My father stood up and raised the blinds. He took it two steps further and opened the window and removed the screen leaving me petrified. He grabbed me by the hand and dragged me over to the window and continued, “Show me where you see red glowing eyes and werewolves.”

“Right there!” I pointed to the same spot I had noticed earlier, and those eyes were still there.

“Okay, I see it. Mark, we live on a curved road and those are reflectors stuck to a tree. When drivers come around the bend at night, they see the road ends there. The reason they are glowing is because the neighbor’s porch light is on and its shining on them. We’ll go downstairs and see for ourselves.”

Reluctantly, I followed him down the stairs, through the house, and eventually out the front door staying a safe distance behind him just in case he was wrong. We walked into the middle of the street. As I retreated, he clutched my arm and dragged me towards the tree at the end of the curve. There they were, the reflectors screwed into the tree just like he had described. I felt so foolish but realized how brave and strong my father was that day.

When we returned to the steps of the front porch, my mother waited and pulled me aside as my father returned to whatever show he was watching before I interrupted with imaginary creatures of the night. She took a seat on the porch swing and rocked back and forth at a steady pace. She patted her hand on the empty seat next to her expecting me to sit down, and so I did.

“Are you convinced that werewolves don’t exist now?” She rubbed the back of my head softly and smiled as she leaned her head on top of mine.

“I don’t know about that, but I do know there aren’t any around here, yet.” The flawed logic of a twelve-year-old once again incited laughter, this time from Mom.

“Mark, you know your father loves you and always will, right?”

“Ya, I know mommy.”

“You need to stop wearing my makeup. If he finds out, he will be very disappointed in you. I’ve seen how close you guys have become and I don’t want that to be ruined.”

“I didn’t wear your makeup!” I cried, she was right, and I was ashamed. My mother had a way of making it sound so dirty and abnormal.

“I know you did, Mark. Please, stop this and just understand it’s for your own good.”

Her voice echoes through my mind as the howling beasts snap their jaws at Guug and I. My father taught me something which I will never forget. I have to face my fears eventually so I may conquer them once and for all.

Guug watches as I rise to my feet and rush to his side ready to fight these awful creatures. The ogre clenches his fists together as the wolves advance on us all at once. Guug swings his arms back and forth striking the first few wolves sending them hurling into the air screeching with pain. Another vicious monster slips underneath his arms and attaches itself to Guug’s ankle. He roars in pain, still fighting off others with all his might.

I rear back my leg and send a flying kick towards the little bastards jaw, knocking it off Guug. A trail of fresh blood spouts out of his leg and runs down his feet onto the ground. Red glowing eyes from behind the trees shine all around us. We have successfully fought off the first wave but there are far too many even for an ally as big as Guug. Guug limped away from the forest towards a clearing some yards away.

“Come, we leave, now!” He groaned.

“Guug, you’re injured. We’ll never make it!” I try to act as a crutch for him but he is far too heavy for me to do anything that will help.

“You run, Guug fight. Guug die, you live.”

“No!” I shriek. “I’m not running anymore.”

The hungry wolves howl as they regroup and ready themselves for another onslaught. This one we won’t survive. I’m sure of it.

To be continued….

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