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“Daughter” by Ryan Cassata Video Review

| Apr 16, 2018
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Ryan Cassata, who has been featured here many times before, has a video that has just been released to YouTube for his new song Daughter.  As Ryan explains, it’s a”…song about my personal experience transitioning from female to male and my transformed relationship from being dad’s daughter to being his son.”

This is definitely something than any trans person who is in the process of transitioning can relate to.  I especially like Ryan’s use of the phrase “transformed relationship.” Far too many trans folk do not take into consideration the fact that every relationship they have…friends, family, school, professional…will be transformed right along with their gender.   While the video is obviously targeted towards a younger audience, it’s nonetheless true for anyone who transitions at any age.

In the video itself, there’s an excellent balance of Ryan playing and singing the song, interspersed with family shots that help to bring home the lyric content.  Overall, this is a top-notch, ultra professional video representation of a song that will have deep meaning to any trans person.   Musically, the production is somewhat sparse, mostly Ryan, his guitar, his voice and minimal procession.  I personally feel that this is entirely intentional so as not to take away from the meaning of the lyrics. 

DAUGHTER by Ryan Cassata

10 years ago I cut my hair
And I changed my name as people stared
And I went on TV and I so did declare
That this is who I am, for anyone that cares

I didn’t change who I am
I’ve always been a man
Still, it changed your world
But Dad, I’ll always be your little girl

10 years ago I know you had a hard time
And I tried and tried, cause I want you in my life
I’m just living true, no doubt in my mind
And these changes they take time you’ll find


I know that you’ll accept me as your son
But that doesn’t mean your daughter ever did run
I’ll always be close to you, no matter what
I love you and no doors are ever shut


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