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TWIT Notes!

| Aug 20, 2007
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6943646_bg1.jpg(That’s supposed to read This Week in Transgenderism Notes.)

Would you accept a discount implant operation from this person? The fight for TG equality is continuing around the world. Reform Jews are okay with transsexuals. And the story of a pot-smoking TS continues after 31 years. All this and more inside this edition of the TGForum News!

Have you considered moving to Brazil? SRS is covered under the national health care plan, according to a panel of federal judges. How this will affect the nation’s export of shemale porn remains to be seen. But read more at the New York Times.

Remember the Aussie singer Natalie Imbruglia? We do, but just barely. Her cousin is railing against new laws that would affect the TG population down under. The Age does not include what Nat thinks about it.

Across Africa, the GLBT struggle for basic human rights is starting to take hold. Read about it at African Path, and tell us you don’t appreciate what you’ve got.

For the umpteenth time, people: don’t get your boob job done in some guy’s basement! Not even if the guy is one of us. PilotOnline reiterates what we just said. WVEC has a video report, but it wouldn’t play on our computer. Maybe you’ll have better luck. WAVY also has the story.

Maybe this video will work for you too. It’s at the Washington Post, and it’s about our favorite Pakistani drag queen. But what Ali Saleem says may surprise you.

The city of which tales were told has more stories. We’re talking of course, about Armistead Maupin, and his new book that continues the “Tales of the City” series. And yes, there are transgendered people in it. The New York Times talks with Armi.

ns_perform160044cs.jpgWould you shave your head for a drag show? Believe it or not: it happens. And it’s the SF Chronicle who surprises us not at all with the location.

Would you believe there are transgender people outside of San Francisco? The Cleveland Plain Dealer found one, and seems surprised.

bilde.jpgThe Dispatch found a 56-year-old transsexual. It could be the first mention of transgenderism

The Sun-Sentinal has the Headline of the Week. And all we have to say is, “Well, duh.”

Scottsdale city leaders want you to know they like the GLBT community. Despite a bar owner who says transwomen must pee standing up. Continuing coverage from AZCentral.

It’s not just Christians who are wondering how to deal with us. Jewish Reformers are giving SRS their blessing. The Guardian reports.

Cut Sleeve Boys explores the world of Asian homosexuals and drag queens in London. But not very well, according to Metromix.

Don’t want to go to “gender rehab”? Don’t pretend to be your opposite-gender sibling in Hong Kong. The Earth Times says they frown on that there.

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