What A Crock!

| Aug 22, 2007
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ronnieheaderpicwbg2.jpgAnd I’m not talking about those damn plastic shoes, either.

The problem with being a writer is that sometimes the ideas don’t come as quickly as you’d like. And sometimes they come faster than you can deal with. When the latter happens, you jot down some notes to hopefully use during the former.

But, inevitably, something goes wrong. That great idea for a blog gets buried beneath the avalanche of papers on the desk, and is forgotten. Like today’s topic. It’s resurfaced, probably too late to be relevent, but I’m using it anyway.

You may have heard about Hunter’s in Chicago. It’s been a popular hangout for the trans crowd for many a year. I’ve heard people talk about the joint since the 20th Century!

Well, sometime in the last year, they instituted a new policy: no admittance, unless your appearance matched your identification. Ostensibily, the rule was to stop ID theft, and keep minors and possibly terrorists out.

What a crock!

It targeted transpeople. More specifically, crossdressers, whose ID’s rarely matches their social appearance. Sorry, but the picture on your driver’s license is of that of a 50-year-old balding man. You appear, my dear, to be a 26-year-old blonde bimbo.

If they were to apply this fairly, any man who had facial hair in his ID photo but had since shaved it, couldn’t get in. If you wore glasses at the DMV, and contacts at the bar, you couldn’t get in. In order to be admitted, you’d best stop off at the barber on the way, to make sure your hair was the same length and style.

(Now, on my little note, there’s no indication of when this policy went into effect, and no clue as to when I wrote it down. And my memory ain’t so hot. Does anyone have any idea if the rule is still in effect? Have they rescinded it? Have gals found a new place to spend their money? How are the Cubs doing this year? What’s going on, Chicago?!?!)

(Editor’s Note: TG Forum in no way condons the use of multiple punctuation symbols but she seems to be really worked up so…)

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  1. says:

    I personally have not been to Hunter’s. However, I have a good friend who went there several weeks ago and had to fight a battle to get in since his ID did not match her appearance. So the policy is being enacted, even if not equally across the board to all patrons.

  2. says:

    I have been to Hunter’s, and the only policy that is in effect there is that you must have a photo ID, it does not have to match your current presentation. I have been there with girls that have beards on their D/L, and not have a raised eyebrow.

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