Twit Awards for the Week 1/16/23

| Jan 16, 2023
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As we mentioned in the news, Indiana’s bill to outlaw conversion therapy mentions puberty blockers and HRT as methods of “conversion” that it seeks to ban. While the bill can be amended, and may not pass, the possibility that lawmaker in other states will follow this pattern is worrisome. For outlawing what works in order to outlaw what does not work, the politicians behind this maneuver get a Twit Award. Erin Reed has this story.

We also mentioned in the news the use of “deprogrammers” to try to turn children away from “gender and race ideology” taught to them at “progressive” schools. For using what amounts to the failed practice of conversion therapy, and for failing to see that you yourselves believe in an “ideology,” the “deprogrammers” and the people who hire them get a Twit Award. This story comes from The New York Post.

Mark Jenkinson is a British MP of the Conservative Party. Like so many U.S. politicians, he is trying to make a name for himself by his over-the-top anti-transgender rhetoric. PinkNews reports that he called wanting to change gender “abhorrent,” and said that Scotland’s reform of the Gender Recognition Act was “terrifying.” He refers to a young trans man getting a double mastectomy as “slicing off the breasts of young girls.” For criticizing what he does not understand, and for trying to build his political future on that, MP Mark Jenkinson gets a Twit Award.

Dane Swan, a former player in the Australian Football League, tweeted his surprise at discovering that there are “tampons for men.” What he was surprised to find were not tampons, but rather, pads for incontinence. For failing to recognize that men sometimes have a problem with incontinence, and for mislabeling what he found, as well as for overkill in his attempt to oppose transgender rights (a subject he has been known to discuss), Dane Swan gets a Twit Award. This story comes from

Some pastors with known anti-LGBTQ bias have started a protest against beer, saying that, “Beer makes you effeminate.” Steven Anderson linked beer to both a beer belly and “man boobs,” and claimed it is not just because both are made up of fat. Jonathan Shelley identified the problem, saying, “Hops will feminize. On purpose.” Their bad science can be found online. Those pastors who believe such scientific nonsense, and who pass it on as truth, get a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

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