| Feb 18, 2019
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It really is amazing how life twists and bends.

So, I’ve been unemployed for over a year now. My unemployment ran out over a month ago. The only reason I still have an apartment is other people’s generosity (mostly my Wife.) I have no idea how I’m paying rent at the end of the month.

BUT . . .

I learned last week that Penn State accepted me into their PhD program for Adult and Continuing Education.   My goal? To formulate a way to teach people to see past fear/hate/rhetoric and see Transgender people as just… people.

I know — fat chance.

But I have to try! If transgender people are to stand a fighting chance against the assembled forces of Hate, then Education is the way it will happen.

Sophie and Lion

With an Old Friend

I move up to State College in August. State College is my “Happy place.” However, before I move there and start my studies, there is something that has to happen first: I have to somehow survive.

Maybe it would make for a better story — homeless person goes to school for a doctorate — but I’d rather not live it. Why? Because if I’m homeless, so is my roomie, and I don’t want that to happen to her.

So, the challenge becomes finding a job… and then moving on.  I’ve applied to over 3600 places in a year, including fast food, supermarkets… everywhere. Nothing.  I’ve applied for an unemployment extension — nothing.

Why did I bother applying if I wasn’t sure about going? I needed to try. I wanted to see if I could get in, despite my not being accepted to a different program a year ago. I expected more crushing disappointment.

It didn’t happen  I was accepted. I’m still in Shock. This coming Thursday, I’m heading up to discuss financial aid and related topics with the University. Then there’s securing housing. And storage space. Assuming my roomie/bestie joins me, she has to find a new job — but she’ll be able to go full time in a “safer” environment.

It  looks like a great situation. All I have to do is get there. Six months. Something to look forward to… a dream.

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