TVocalizers — “Boy, Girl, Whateva” by Foxxjazell

| Mar 28, 2011
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Last month, Transvocalizers introduced Foxxjazell.  While FtM rappers have become well known in the trans music community, a lady such as Foxxjazell is a real find.   Maybe I’m wrong in saying she’s the only trans female rapper out there, but honestly, I haven’t heard of any others.

Whether or not you’re a passionate follower of rap/hip-hop or not, Foxxjazell’s second album, Boy, Girl, Whateva is a real break through for the community as a whole.  Produced by Foxxjazell and Ashley Breathe, this album more than holds its own with all the mainstream material in the genre.   While I’m not familiar — yet — with her 2008 debut entitled Introducing… Foxxjazell, I’ll take a stab a guessing that this sophomore effort has better production, and she does strike a balance between sounding relaxed yet forceful in her presentation.  And that voice…purely feminine, even sensual at times.

Of the album’s 12 tracks, the stand outs are the single, Split Enz, the title track Boy, Girl, Whateva, Insecure and All of U.

The project starts with Madame X, which is a sort of compilation of intros and what appears to be bits from live performances.  Foxxjazell includes the line great line “you make me what I am.”

Split Enz, taken as the single from the project, has a great dance groove.  Good lines are found in “like a bad hair do/I’m done with you,” and “just like split enz/gotta get you outta my head.”   Look for the video on YouTube.

Insecure is one the more musically interesting moments. The tune deals with the insecurities felt by other people when they are around trans people.  Foxxjazell put it out there that people are “…afraid of a queer.”  This might sound like an over simplification, but I don’t think it is.

The title track, Boy, Girl, Whateva, carries that thought to a slightly different place.  “People hate what they can’t relate,” and “take me as a boy, a girl, whateva…,” and ultimately “I’m whatever you think I am.”  This flies in the face of anyone who gets too overly concerned about passing and judges others who don’t meet some kind of secret tranny “standard.”   Foxxjazell is obviously saying:  It’s the person who counts, it’s the soul that matters.  The body is just packaging.   You can draw your own conclusion on that.


All Of You is probably the best musical moment when it comes to the backing tracks.  In fact, the entire tune could actually work for an R&B radio format.

There’s a bonus remix track of the tune Ride Or Die Boy, featuring Shorty Roc, Last Offense, and Nano Reyes.

This album should put Foxxjazell into a more national spotlight.  It’s true to the genre while getting the message across that trans people are here to stay.  In the liner notes, Foxxjazell says:  “I dedicate this album to every person that is considered an outcast due to gender identity.  Foxx loves you and understands you if no one else does.”

For more information, please contact Foxxjazell thru her website.  Also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Lights by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding’s Starry Eyed remixed have been reviewed here before.  Now, the album that track is from, Lights, is out.   It would be too easy to accuse Goulding of being something of a  Kate Bush clone vocally, but I would regard that as a compliment if I were her.

She’s delivered an excellent album that, while it might not have much to do with the trans music community, is nonetheless very good material.  The closest thing to a dance tune is Animal, which starts off with an almost new age feel.  Best rock moment is Under The Sheets.  She also covers Elton John’s Your Song as a bonus track, done wimply with just voice, piano, and strings.

Born This Way by Lady Gaga (the remixes)

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album is due for release May 23rd, 2011.  Until then, you can get the remix disc, which includes mixes by notables such as LA  RIOT, Chew Fu, and DJ White Shadow, among others.   And always remember…don’t be a drag, be a queen.

Late Nights And  Early Mornings by Marsha Ambrosius

Produced by Marsha Ambrosius, Trevor Jerideau, and J. Erving, this is Ambrosius’s debut disc as a solo artist.  She came to international attention as one half of the duo Floetry.  After that group called it quits, she gained a reputation as a featured artist on projects for other singers and producers.   As a song writer, she penned Butterflies for Michael Jackson.

On Late Nights And Early Mornings, Ambrosius has delivered the almost quintessential make-out album of all time.  The entire project is practically one sensual slow grind after another.  And there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

The first single, Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player) is vocally delivered as almost rap and has a sort of laid back dance groove, without seeming to aim in that direction.

Tears is homage to all the girl groups of the 1960s , especially with the staccato piano backing.  Another unexpected moment is Sour Times, which for some reason reminds me of the theme music for a James Bond movie.  And as a bonus track, Ambrosius includes her version of Butterflies.

On The Floor (featuring Pit Bull) by Jennifer Lopez, the remixes.

This is Lopez’s first release on the Island Def Jam Music Group.  There are 10 remixes of the new song available.


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