True Transsexuals (Part II)

| Aug 23, 2006
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ha2.JPGSo, going with the theory that there are transgendered people out there who claim to be transsexual, but perhaps aren’t:  What would cause someone to voluntarily run down that very rough road when they don’t have to?

Why would someone put themselves through all that pain, all those difficulties that TS’s face, when they could avoid it?  One word answer:


That’s the theory that some of us get so immersed in the transgender culture that we can’t help but think we’re TS.  We live, sleep and breathe being transgendered.  When we’re not at work, we’re online, reading TG-related posts.  When we’re not with family members, we’re dressing up and taking pictures of ourselves.

All of our fun times are en femme.  All of our not-so-fun times are in boy mode.  Work?  Have to dress like a guy.  But when we get together with friends, (all of whom are also TG), we’re painted and pretty.

We somewhat logically think that we’re supposed to be female, because we’re happiest when we’re dressed up, or at least thinking of being dressed up.  Work isn’t fun and family means responsibility, so we equate those periods with misery.

How to break this cycle?  Get some non-TG interests.  Make friends who aren’t crossdressers and transsexuals.  Look at websites that have nothing to do with what clothes you’re wearing.  Basically, build a life that doesn’t revolve around your gender identity.

I’m not saying there aren’t transsexuals, remember.  All I’m offering, is that there may be some of us making choices about our lives that aren’t for the ultimate best. 

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Ronnie Rho has been writing for Transgender Forum since May of 1999. One of these days, she'll get it right. She's been described as the "world's most famous recluse," but only by people who don't know her very well. She is unmarried, and lives in Cincinnati.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Ronnie, I won’t try to gild your lilly. Your little essay is deceptively simple, even spare, straightforward, telling, rich in importance … and right-on brilliant.

  2. Greetings!
    Great writing at its best indeed.
    I am of the radical and permanent opinion for my own self that we all must own what we feel and whom we are. It sounds fine being said the way I did however the biggest problem with that it is the factual truth about everyone and everything that exists, is that we all are made out of Changes.
    All life is made out of changes.
    Yes we all make many errors and mistakes in life and we will continue to do them because none of us are neither perfect nor complete.
    It is hard to think of permanence when the only thing that it is really permanent is Chamges.

    I wrote this to exemplify the point that if we feel the Transgender Spirit in us, we must do our best to experience it as long as Life and Her Circumstances allow/empower us to do so.
    It is natural to follow one’s own heart in personal matters because nobody knows what it is best for you as much as you, yourself.
    Nobody has your best interest at heart as much as your own self.
    I agree with all that you wrote because there are many differences and there are certainly many levels of whatever anything that anybody may be or become.
    There are times in life that we must decide whether do we trust other people or do we prefer to trust something larger than life and sacred as Nature within our own body, our heart, our own feelings…
    I always prefer to trust something larger than life and remain true to my own feelings and I would suggest anybody wise enough to know, to do the same for themselves.
    After all life is easy but people make it hard sometimes.
    The crowd can be noisy and difficult but in the end of the day they cannot live anybody’s lives for them.
    Let’s be natural to our own selves first so that we can be natural to other meaningful people.
    I am proud to be what I am and I am not allowing anybody on earth to second-guess that for me however I am made out of changes like anybody else alive.

    Love and light,


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