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Transvocalizers — “Extraordinaire” by Aderet

| Jun 20, 2011
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Israeli singer Aderet has a new single that has finally been released outside of her homeland.  Called Extraordinaire, she has taken the unique step of singing in French.

Aderet was one of the first singers featured in this column back in September of 2008.  Her debut album, The Answer, was released in 2001, and sung in Hebrew, as was her next project, Tenth Floor in 2006.  Her first English language album, Jewish Girl was released in 2008.


Singles for all of her previous album projects have received world-wide air play. What’s sort of significant, though, is that she has had hits in neighboring Lebanon. Because of obvious security issues, exact  details regarding  some of the DJs and stations that play her music are seldom discussed. One of the larger Lebanese broadcasters, Beirut Nights, isn’t afraid to list Aderet along with everything else on their play list. If ever you wanted proof that music, of any genré, can be a unifying force, the fact that a Jewish transsexual’s music is well received in parts of the Islamic/Arab world says more than any geopolitical double-talk offered up by politicians.  Or at least it should to anyone with even a shred of common sense.

Singing in French is a challenge that Aderet felt she had to undertake.  Extraordinaire was  produced by Dvir Halevi, Victor Libensky, and Aderet, with French lyrics by Evelyne Katz,  and backing music by Aderet. The overall influence for the music came from European club trance music with 140 beats per minute.

“After all the success of the other songs in English, I decided to challenge myself by releasing,  for the first time in my career, a song in French,” Aderet said. “It was hard work . . . working perfectly about the accent and building all the musical production. ”

The song has already been released in Israel. It’s scheduled for release in France, Luxembourg, Germany, Greece, Belgium, the U.K., Monaco, and Switzerland.

“The important thing for us is that DJs and producers who have gotten the song have told us that there is no accent,” Aderet said.  “For example, Stop FM in Switzerland, already put the song in their play list.”


The single has also started to gather air play in Lebanon.  Check out the English language site for Beirut Nights. You have to search around a bit for information about Aderet, but it’s there.

The song itself is a very techno dance groove.  Given the fact that dance music as a genre probably crosses more international boundaries than any other current style, artists sometimes don’t even need to tour in order to have a presence in a country where they’re not from.

The production values of Extraordinaire are definitely world class. While English is still considered the language of commerce, Aderet’s decision to sing the song in French gives it a  certain uniqueness.  It might otherwise have been lost in the constant shuffle of hundreds of similar sounding tracks, in spite of how good it is musically. I don’t know if this is a marketing concept or she’s just in love with the French language, but who cares? Aderet is a seasoned, talented vocalist who isn’t afraid to try something new in order to open new markets and keep a strong presence in established ones.

Extraordinaire is a song about love, the night live,” she said.  “It’s about the parties, the lights, and having a good time without thinking about tomorrow.”

Well, regardless — a beautiful, young Jewish transsexual singing in French is pretty hard to resist.

Aderet has a presence on MySpace, and Facebook, and there are several videos on YouTube.  Further information can be found by contacting her management and booking agency.


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