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This is why you should check TGForum a couple of times a week.

| Mar 2, 2007
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Because we update it at random. No more Monday morning downloads. (Well, that’s not true. There will probably be new things published on Monday mornings, but not limited to just Monday mornings.)

Anyway, on to my real point.

Have you ever been to a support group meeting, or just out where a bunch of other transgendered women are congregating, and seen one poor girl that needed a lot of help?

Her cheap wig was not only a mess, but she was wearing it wrong. She was probably wearing a shade of lipstick that was entirely too loud for her and the ocassion. The foundation was wrong for her skin tone. She had a slip on that was three inches longer than the hem of her dress.

You know who I’m talking about. You’ve seen her. And you did one of two things: you rolled your eyes and moved to the other side of the room, or you gently suggested some ways to improve her appearance.

If you did the latter instead of the former, she probably listened, nodded, and completely disregarded everything you had to say.

What is it about us that so many have such a hard time asking for and accepting help? Is it pride? (Not the good kind.)

Obviously, it doesn’t affect everyone, else I wouldn’t get three to four requests in my e-mailbox every month from girls wanting makeovers.

But there’s something. I’ve done it. Wanted to improve my look, but couldn’t find the nerve to ask someone for help. And when advice comes unsolicited, I have to force myself to consider it.

Is it a hold-over from our masculine lives? Asking for help is a sign of weakness? It seems to me that it’s not unlike the oft-mocked male trait of refusing to pull over and ask for directions to say Walt Disney World, when one is obviously lost in the Badlands of North Dakota.

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