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Grow Your Own : Breast Development Update

| Jan 28, 2019 | 5 Replies

One of the most popular posts on TGForum is Dana Bevan’s post on breast development. Each week many trans women who are interested in growing their own breasts read Progesterone for Breast Development? which was published in 2014. Since then there has been research providing new information on the use of HT for breast development and there have been changes in the process of acquiring hormone therapy. Today Dr. Bevan gives you an update to her 2014 post.

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My New Battle With Anxiety

| Nov 30, 2015 | 1 Reply

Our last report from Amanda was about the fun she had going out for Halloween in San Francisco has Elsa from Frozen. This month’s news is darker in tone. Amanda is struggling with anxiety. Is it due to medications she is taking as part of her hormone replacement therapy? Did it make sense to quit taking anti-anxiety medication? Is the stress of being alone in a place far from your home, or concerns about GRS to blame? Read her latest blog entry and take a moment to wish her well in the comment field.

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Progesterone for Breast Development?

| Nov 10, 2014 | 3 Replies

Dana Bevan is not a medical doctor but she does know what the scientific evidence says about taking progesterone as part of MtF TS hormone therapy with regard to breast development. Clinicians are divided on the subject but there are those MtF TS and doctors who swear it makes a big difference, and public information sources support the MtF TS contentions.

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Meet Rachel Xaviera

| Feb 11, 2013 | 1 Reply

I was asked by “Angela”, if I’d be interested in writing a few blogs about my “latex fetish,” my interest in the SMBD community or something about my music. I will get into all of those activities after I get some of my other thoughts out first, as to give some insight into who I am.

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