State of Amanda Address 2017

| May 15, 2017
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In these trying and tumultuous political times, I have taken a cue from our government and present my State of Amanda Address 2017, just in case anyone is wondering what’s going on in my life lately.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Here in these divided states of America, as you know, I find myself far away from Washington and living in the liberal state of California. 

Things are pretty good, but not great. I am fairly happy, but not nearly as much as I’d like. The anxiety that had plagued me for over a year seems to have subsided. But now that I am stronger, things anger me more. The people in this area in general just rub me the wrong way. There are really great people, but most are just assholes. Can you say asshole in an official address? I just did. 

I’ve been running an experiment for about a week now. I purposely did not post on Facebook, message anyone, text, or call anyone. I wanted to see who actually cared. I did not do that dumb thing on FB where people ask you to copy/past if you love me bullshit. Can I say bullshit in an official address of my state? I just did. 

The experiment is ongoing. I won’t reveal the results yet. But it’s basically showing me what I already know. It’s cool. I have many friends from the Midwest all the way to the entire East Coast. They would all happily welcome me back. I still don’t feel like I am done here.

Work is a real shitter. Can I . . . Never mind. Actually I just walked out of work today after I became livid at the conditions I must work under. My job has changed and it’s a lot more physical. All for the slim and stately sum of 50 cents more per hour. I mean, I don’t know what I am going to do with all of the extra revenue I will generate. I will be using dollar bills as toilet paper. 50 cents more an hour — wow — I don’t know if I can even spend all of that. I may have to go buy a couple of Maseratis and a pro football team. 

I sit here in my awesome new car which I love. Scarlett’s her name, speed and good looks are her game. She really keeps me busy looking for decals, spoilers and add-ons for her. She’s a real beaut. I spend hours just perusing eBay looking at potential additions. It’s my fun time. It’s an escape. This area is great for car lovers. It is cool car heaven. I hear the faint growls of 1000 8-cylinder-heaven cars in the wind. Everyone is a race car driver here seems like. Every red light is an opportunity for a drag race. 

My love life has flatlined. I’ve not even looked for a year. I have all but given up with potential mates in this area. People just seem to be so insufferable here, especially trans people. Like I always say, there are exceptions. Everyone I have dated had similar qualities. They seem to be loose, noncommittal, sexual, workaholics. Everything is short-term. There’s no time for anything else. That’s not how I operate. 

On the trans front, I am doing about the same as ever. I am gingerly dipping my toe into the GRS waters. I made a few calls and need to get some things together. I’d love to continue my electrolysis sometime. I am contemplating top surgery too. All in due time as my forefather once said. 

The California Experiment continues. The State of my Union can be better. It’s going to take continued work and hard decisions. There is still so much to see and do. My work is not done here. I will press on. 

Thank You and may God Bless the State of Amanda.

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