Spring… is trying to be sprung.

| Apr 19, 2007
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denver37.jpgBut the weather just won’t cooperate. Jeez louise, is this getting old or what? I haven’t heard much about west-of-the-Rockies, but the Midwest and the East Coast have just been getting socked!

I still have faith that warmer weather will arrive, and with it, a change in TG behavior. At least for those of us who are closeted, or partially closeted.

Spring typically means rain and thunderstorms, and that’s not always a bad thing. Rain in the evening means everyone in my little neighborhood stays indoors, so there’s less chance of someone seeing me during that quick jog from the front door to the car.

Thunderstorms, however, can bring problems; Like power outages when you’re trying to get ready. Ever have the lights go out when you’ve got one eye done? I haven’t, but I’m waiting for the day. And then there’s the flooded roadways as you’re navigating your way back home after an evening of libations at the bar.

Of course, spring also means sunshine and warmer weather and that means more time outdoors. (Not only for you, but for those nosy neighbors.) And if you’re like me, and you like to spend time in the sun, there’s an even worse hazard: tan lines.

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