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| Apr 19, 2007
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Injustice in Chile, TG rights in Massachusetts, and a TS opera star. Go ahead, you know you want more…

“Turns out, it’s cheap to kill a faggot.” The words of a violent man who won’t go to jail for the murder of a Chilean transgendered woman. The Santiago Times shares your outrage. (Links will open in a new browser window.)

No-one told me Wednesday was a day of silence to protest discrimination against the GLBT community. I had to read it in the Spartan Daily Online.


What’s the latest with TG rights in Massachusetts? Find out on April 28, according to Media-Newswire.


An Irish dentist is taking her case to the Irish Supreme Court. Dr. Lydia Foy is simply trying to get a discrepancy on her birth certificate fixed. RTE News has the story.


According to the Southern Voice, Steve Stanton is not going to sue to get his job back. He’s the former city manager of Largo, Florida, who was fired after coming out.


In sports: a California gal wants to play softball. But, some people have a problem with that. Get the latest from The Enterprise-Record.


And what do we have in common with Keith Olberman? Beats me, but they’re talking about it at AOL Sports.


Remember the Ohio firefighter busted in a park a couple of weeks ago? Michigan firefighters are doing the same thing. Almost. has you covered. (But without pictures.)


The good news: a British network aired a programme covering a transgendered beauty pageant. The bad news: They had to change the name. has more on the story. And Channel 4 has site about the show.


For the umpteenth year in a row, the IFGE has snubbed yours truly. Instead, they honored Jade Estaban Estrada with a standing ovation. Congrats… bitch. Read more at


It will be the wedding of the year in Seoul, South Korea, next month. But, Hirasu hasn’t sent me an invitation yet. So, like you, I’ll be reading the Chosunilbo Daily.


Got opera? Tona Brown does. So does the Virginian Pilot.

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