(Some) Men Are Pigs!

| Jun 19, 2017
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I’m not saying all men are pigs. The clear majority are wonderful, kind, caring, loving individuals. They are good husbands, sons, grandsons, uncles, fathers, grandfathers and all around great guys. However, there are some that are obnoxious, self-centered, misogynistic, opportunistic, lecherous, disgusting garbage! May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their crotches. Many cisgender women agree, a lot of Trans* woman also concur, and I’m hearing the same from a few of my gay guy friends.

Social Media Isn’t Helping

In the old days, you had to go out and be disgusted in person. Bars, street corners, construction sites and Congress was where you had to go, primarily, to be victimized. Now social media has given these perverts license to write emails, troll us, “friend” us and be an overall nuisance. If you have a blog, they comment on posts. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ are the ones where I saw them regularly. When I see a post from some male that starts out, “You are so beautiful and I’m a recent widower . . .” I know what’s coming.

Penis Pictures

There should be a Tenth Circle of Hell for these dirt bags who send a picture of a penis and expect me to be impressed. I looked at a penis way too much in my life to ever want to look at anyone else’s. I’m not saying there aren’t those out there who may find this interesting or entertaining, but not me. Don’t get me wrong, I like men. My son is a man. My daughter and sisters are married to men. They seem quite pleased with the arrangement. My good friend Bob is married to a great guy name Steve. They are blissfully happy. However, (you knew there would be a ‘however’) I am happier than I ever have been with my beautiful, loving, sexy, fabulous bride. Sorry, no guys for this girl.

Fighting Back

In my own way I’m fighting back. I will in extremely rare occasions “friend” a male. After looking at their profile and seeing a connection to the LGBTQIA family, I’ll say hello. If the guy is one of our Trans* brothers, he’s in. No one gets a free pass these days. Since adopting this strategy, I haven’t had a single male member picture litter up my inbox. If I’ve offended any men, no one’s called me on it.

(Most) Men Are Great People!

I know not all men are bad. Some were born that way. Some were taught misogyny and some are inept at social interactions. I don’t want to malign all the males in the universe, I just want what ALL women want.  I want to be respected, treated fairly and without intimidation and I don’t want to live in fear. Treat all women, cisgender, Trans*, lesbian and those who identify anywhere on the gender spectrum with acceptance, kindness and respect. Nothing less is ever acceptable.

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I am Cate, a mature transgender woman. I am a writer, blogger, parent, grandparent, sailor, activist and happy. I am a widow, and live with my yorkiepoo, Belle. I love music, reading, cooking, outdoors, DIY, theater, antiquing and flea markets, home brewing, and seeing what is around the bend in the road or over the horizon. I own the MatureTransgender.com website. It is an outreach, support and resource for mature trans* people and especially for those who, like me, came out after fifty.

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  1. GR8LegsNJ GR8LegsNJ says:

    I love men. I have a boyfriend who just curls my toes. I totally enjoy using his penis to provide my guy pleasure. I hated that appendage when I had one. But since mine was turned inside out and my guy enjoys filling my opening with his penis, life is good.

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