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| Jun 19, 2017
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As I got more comfortable with going out in public and doing so on a regular basis during my time in Virginia, I began to interact more and more with the people I happened to see or meet during the early morning hours. During one stretch I managed to get myself out of the house and present as a female in public seven days in a row. Looking back, I am not sure how I had the strength to do that, but I was younger then.

On one of those morning outings, I decided to get breakfast at Denny’s. I was wearing a dark blue Spandex® maxi dress with black pumps from Nordstrom’s and pantyhose in a nude shade.

I had been in the booth for a few minutes working on my food when I decided to visit the ladies room. After coming out of the ladies restroom, I was walking back to my table and passed by a booth where two young women, presumably friends, were having some food themselves. One of them said “nice night” when I walked past. I smiled and said “sure is,” then sat down back in my booth, which was next to theirs.

After a minute or two I got up the nerve to walk over to them and say “Do you mind if I join you in your booth?” They agreed without hesitating a moment and we immediately launched into a conversation about a few different topics.

Then one of the young women said that she had seen me at that Denny’s before, and said “Drag queens make the best friends!”

Although I thought of myself as a transsexual female and not a drag queen, I understood her intent and told her and her friend how much I appreciated their friendliness toward me. We exchanged email addresses and once I had heard back from them, shared that I would unfortunately be relocating to the West Coast within about three weeks. After that I did not hear back from them again. Our friendship, which most likely would have blossomed had I stayed in that area, was a casualty of my move. Still, I was grateful for the brief exchange we had in person and on email. And I knew that there were others like them, ready to extend the hand of friendship to a member of the TG community who they just happened to see out and about. I no longer remember their names, but I will forever remember their kindness.

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My name is Kim, and I'm a non-op transsexual. I love to correspond with others who have an interest in feminine beauty, gender illusion, and related subjects. My goal is to look like the genetic girls in the J. Jill or Sundance catalogs, so I keep myself as realistically feminine as possible. I go out as Kim very often and delight in being a woman, with all that it entails! My height is about 5-7 and I weigh about 145 lb. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a female, and that desire is intense. Given that fact, I'm a TS rather than a CD/TV. In general, I am more of a daytime mall chick rather than a nighttime party girl. Other interests: I'm like the Energizer Bunny with regard to exercise!

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