Retro Rerun: 20 Ways to Look More Beautiful

| Jul 4, 2016
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Roberta Angela Dee

Roberta Angela Dee


Have you ever heard women comment that men just don’t listen? Have you ever wondered why?

The answer is simple. Men tend to be physical. Women tend to be more sensual and emotional. This is not, as some feminists might suggest, merely a stereotype. Nor is it the result of women being nurtured a particular way.

Science has recently discovered that women have a gene on their X-chromosome that makes them more social and more adaptable, socially, than men. Trans women may not have this gene, but we can learn to benefit from the role it plays it the lives of biological women.


We can naturally ascribe a certain amount of beauty to hair, fashion, and makeup. However, must of us understand that our physical health is equally as important. It’s difficult to look or feel pretty, if one’s good health has failed. There is, however, another — equally important — component to a woman’s beauty: a woman’s emotional well being.

Women take time to nurture their emotional well being because they understand that it affects how they will look. The weekend crossdresser might know the best beauty tips and makeup secrets, but she’s not going to be able to project that beauty, if she’s harboring negative feelings and emotions. If the inner beauty is absent, then the outer beauty will not have its special glow.

I’ve compiled 20 simple rituals we can add to our daily lives to nurture our inner beauty. Men might not feel these things are important, but every beautiful woman relies on them as much as her favorite tube of lipstick or favorite eye makeup.

You need not incorporate all 20 routines into your daily life. You should, however, incorporate as many as possible. You should also feel encouraged to improvise and be creative.

As trans women we learn to compensate for many of the things we did not receive at birth. Now, let’s see how we can compensate for that missing gene as well.


1. Find the time to spend an hour on the deck or patio, listening to soothing music while sipping herbal tea. Look at your environment and feel how wonderful it is merely to be alive.

2. Do something nice for someone. Even if it’s just to say hello to an elderly neighbor who might not receive very many visitors. You’ll feel better too.

3. Talk to your children about the things that interest them. Their innocence and naiveté can refresh your own outlook on life. It also tells them that you care about them as human beings, and not just the subjects of your will and guidance.

4. If you can’t dress en femme, at least find something that’s unisex in nature that allows you feel pretty inside where it matters most. If you haven’t anything that’s unisex, then browse through a catalog for something to buy. Some lady’s fashions are asexual enough to be worn by a man and still provide just a hint of femininity.

5. Take a walk, If it’s a beautiful day, you’ll benefit as much from the exercise as you will from taking in the sights at less than 35 miles per hour. You’ll be surprised at how much you miss just driving by each day.

6. Do something special for a co-worker. Offer to help on an important project. He or she might not accept your offer, but the gesture will be appreciated.

7. Take time to reflect on some of what you’ve experience — as a woman, as a lover, as a teacher or as a worker.

8. Start a diary. And select a half hour each day to sit in your favorite chair and record the day’s events.

9. Put something colorful together, whether it’s a floral arrangement, or the clothes in your wardrobe.

10. Look in the mirror and smile. Now, there’s a nice lady!

11. Take a nice long bubble bath in warm sudsy water. Light candles and play relaxing music. Drift away.

12. Wear something silky. Anything silky makes me feel pretty.

13. Pamper your face. A moisturizing mask or a clay mask — depending on your skin type. Don’t just do it before putting on makeup. Do it because you love your face and want it to reflect the love you feel inside.

14. Go cycling. Riding a bike is wonderful exercise.

15. Now, where’s that novel you purchased but never had time to read. Devote so much time each day to read it.

16. Browse through a book of inspirational verses. The verses themselves are not always profound, but they can ignite your imagination and help you learn to be a more creative woman.

17. Arrange your panties on a white bed sheet and take photos. See how creative you can be with your panty portraits. Other women will love it.

18. Deep condition your hair. When was the last time you used anything other than an instant conditioner?

19. Practice smiling while you speak. It will change your vocal inflections and make them more feminine. Women sometimes will even try to smile while providing an account of an unpleasant experience. You need to smile more too.

20. Be yourself. Be true to yourself. And be happy being who you are.

Love & Peace
Roberta Angela Dee

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    I found this article to be very inspiring. I’m determined to put as many of these suggestions into my daily life as posasible.

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