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| Jul 4, 2016
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Going With Your Natural Style

So you finally got dressed up as the person you are inside. You finally realized that dream of having the first chance of seeing yourself in the mirror as who you are. Congratulations! But what about your new name? Who should you call yourself? What should people call you? In this short blog post I want to address two great ways for finding you a new name!
Going with your natural style

Chanelle by any other name?

Chanelle by any other name?

The first method, which I personally used, is to not think about the change too much. Instead, relax and look at what you have in your wardrobe or what you would like to see yourself in. Names sometimes carry personality. Some of us opt for more outrageous and draggish styles, some more punk/gothic, some more lingerie model style, and some sensual and feminine, yet more subtle. Try a few different styles out and see what fits you best, what you’re most excited about. Imagine yourself always being your alternative self. Fun, right? Why not think about names that would match your style. Imagine walking into a room full of people and introducing yourself. How would you want people to refer to you and at the same time, take you seriously? The answer to that question varies among people and only you can call out the right name for you.

Logical process of elimination

Now again imagine walking into a room full of people and presenting yourself to them. How would you want people to refer to you, regardless of how you’re dressed and how you want to call yourself? While the first method I described is more spiritual-based, this method is more logic based. Now imagine finding a lost puppy and trying to call out names to see what the puppy responds to. In the same fashion, you can come up with a list of options as long as you want and have a friend call out the names to see what you respond to the most. You should also practice introducing yourself to yourself in the mirror. Say “Hello! My name is_____.” What sounds like the easiest name to say and the one that you feel the best about, IS your name!

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I'm a 20-something. Florida bird since 2006. Have been crossdressing on a part-time basis since 2012 with a couple of breaks in between. As of 2018, I'm taking an indefinite break from the TG life in the aggressive pursuit of a full-time career as a music producer and artist. On TG Forum, you can discover several articles I've penned on relationships, business and most importantly for this blog, topics of crossdressing while continuously learning about this world with you.

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  1. CateOMalley CateOMalley says:


    What a great article and good advice. Your statement, “Imagine walking into a room full of people and introducing yourself. How would you want people to refer to you and at the same time, take you seriously?” is excellent. I struggled for quite a while on how I want to be known. I could have used your article fifteen years ago.

    Great work!

    Cate O’Malley