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| Aug 26, 2013
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Rachel gets her wakeup flogging.

Rachel gets her wakeup flogging.

I spent this last weekend in NYC, starting with work on Friday with “The Baroness” and my two friends and coworkers “Persephone” and “Glenar.” Our day started as usual with a morning flogging to get the blood circulating. 🙂

Actually, The baroness wanted my to model a new dress design, “The Magdeline Tart” dress. I tried it on and thought I looked pretty good in it except I thought my butt was a bit flat and said out loud, “My butt needs a little plumping” and with that the Baroness walked over to her wall and pulled off a leather strap and said, “I can take care of that!” I laughed and then she said, “I’m not kidding, turn around” She was in the mood to play, Hey! who am I to argue with the boss? She gave me a whack and I went to my knees. This lady doesn’t hold back. So my friend Glenar jumped in front of me and the Baroness and Persephone started to flail away. I got my composure and the Baroness wanted to make a video in which I answered the phone and then she smacked my butt. It was a perfect thing for the Baroness because if she didn’t like the shot — or just wanted one more — she got to smack me again. So she would yell, “Try it again!” followed by a few more flogs at my expense.

The rest of the day was giddy fun with Persephone and Glen. Every day is different working for the Baroness. I used to wear heels to work, but now mostly flats because she gets me to run errands all over the city and in heels my feet would be a wreck at the end of the day, OUCH!

After work, I went to the comedy club where Persephone was working sound and lights for the show. It was a whole evening of improvisation based on words or sayings supplied by the audience. Much fun! This troupe of people were very talented and funny. Persephone was also, “The Voice” (announcer). She was Great!

Chillin' at the coffeehouse.

Chillin’ at the coffeehouse.

After the show we took some pictures together, I met some of her friends and we stopped into a little coffee shop that had all these miniature pies, Yum! We both got the Chocolate pie and some dark coffee, then headed home for some sleep. The next day, Saturday, I met my friend Tony D. uptown for breakfast and then we went to the Garment District to look at silks and sewing machines. Tony always wears nice silk shirts and wanted to see some bolts of different kinds of silk. In one shop they had a silk crepe material the was sooooo soft and stretchy it didn’t feel like anything I’ve touched before, Wow!

Then we went to a few shops to look at sergers/sewing machines and see all the different stitches they do. One machine even cut the end of the fabric clean and smooth before it stitched it! Very impressive.

We wove our way back downtown and got side tracked on the subway ride, getting off at the wrong stop, but finally managed to get to the ferry docks, where we took the Staten Island ferry out of Manhattan. On the way I took a few pix of the “Statue Of Liberty” ( Sorry guys she was fully clothed) 🙂 It was a fun packed weekend , the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky. Can’t wait to do it again!

Love and Respect,
Rachel Xaviera

Photos from the RachelX New York City Trip

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