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| Oct 20, 2008
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There was a time, and not too long ago actually, when if the words “transgender” and “music” were found in the same sentence, it had something to do with heavy metal, goth, or glam rock. In other words, stuff that was heavy and a bit on the dark side. (…sort of like a refreshing pint of Guinness…)

That could almost be considered an old school tradition now. Within the last decade, there has been what could be called an explosion of diversity regarding the genres within which transgender musicians are performing.

Marcie FawkesLike all traditions, though, there are always die-hards, the “true believers,” who hold fast to what they know and love. Marcie Fawkes project, called The Blakk Dollz, is definitely part of this heavier, darker type of music.

“The name The Blakk Dollz is a reference to myself…I like darker things,” said Marcie. “Not evil, just dark. Also, the porcelain dolls that my daughter collects, and then hides their eyes because at night she feels she’s being watched.

“When my old band Purple Dragon became defunct, I decided to get back into it this way. I tried the normal routes and they went dry. Since I started The Blakk Dollz, the music has been heard by more people and I have more requests to do more. I am doing an album now callled Burn In Heaven.”

Marcie got into music the way a lot of people do…with an interest that began as a kid. In her case, she was 3 when her mother gave her a junior acoustic guitar. Marcie found she had a pretty good ear for picking up music and of course this lead to a series of bands throughout school. After graduating, she was part of two different band that had some moderate success locally—Gryphon, and Purple Dragon.

“Both did their bits,” she said. “We did a lot of bars and clubs, but the big time has been just out of reach. I just want to get back into performing live again. I really miss it.”

The Blakk Dollz cover.With a lot of musicians, especially independent, unsigned acts, the audience that they’re seeking is being increasingly found through the use of the Internet.

“A good deal of the music on my site is all me…drums, guitars, vocals,” Marcie said. “I have even engineered quite a few sessisons in the past few years. I’ve posted some raw tracks (from the album Burn In Heaven), that are really just place holders of the ideas for those songs. I’ve gotten around 10,000 hits on my widgets and about 300 plays on the site itself all in less than a month.”

What’s on her site has proven to be a good draw for Marcie. According to her, the music has generated emails asking for more, as well as offers for studio work and gigs.

“I need a line-up to play out,” she confirms. “I would like the band to be as transgendered as possible. It gives a bigger meaning to Blakk Doll. I guess the ‘Blakk’ is about the gender thing in it’s own way.

“Really, though, the important thing is the music. I just think and feel I have found a newer audience, a fresher one, and one that won’t throw me out because I’m transgender. So if anyone wants to get with me, I would definitely welcome any and all. I mean, it’s for the fans after all. I’m just a conduit for the music inside me.”

For information, or to contact Marcie, please check out the following:

Jennifer Leitham


Jazz bassist Jennifer Leitham‘s new CD Left Coast Story has just been released. It’s available at all the major music sites for purchase or download.

The new CD is a collection of requests from Jennifer’s loyal fans. From unique arrangements of West Side Story to heartfelt vocal ballads, to interpretations of compositions ranging from Henry Mancini to Emily Saliers of The Indigo Girls, to a flamenco tinged solo bass version of Vince Guaralidi‘s Cast Your Fate To The Wind, it’s an amazing collection of Jennifer Leitham can do.

“I’m very proud of all my CDs, and especially proud of this one,” Jennifer said. “It was great fun to conceive, arrange, play, sing, produce, and even pose for the cover. Hard to top The Real Me cover, so we decided to get a little goofy with Left Coast Story. Imagine Maria as a cougar!”

Check out Jennifer Leitham’s website. Left Coast Story and other Jennifer Leitham CDs are also available through CD Baby,,, and as downloads through iTunes.

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