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TWIT Notes! 10/20/08

| Oct 20, 2008
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We’re in! In vogue, anyway, according to one magazine, which also points out, someday soon, we’ll be cliche’. A TS has dropped sexual assault charges. A Cleveland TV reporter says some very rude things. The transgender population in one Texas town may be larger than anyone could have imagined. And phantom pain plagues a post-op. It’s all inside this wrap up of This Week in Transgenderism!

TG is the new gay, and gay is passé. That’s the take by OnTop magazine. So, apparently, we’re just ten years away from becoming yesterday’s news.

trishaweb.jpgThe midwestern TG conference, Fall Harvest, is alive and well, and coming soon to Kansas City. Camp has details. And the Tiffany Club is accepting applications for presenters for the 2009 First Event in Boston.

Georgia’s legislative leaders are trying to get a discrimination suit against them dismissed. Southern Voice says Vandiver Elizabeth Glenn was fired after announcing her intention to transition.

bruce-michelle.jpgSoVo also has an interview with Michelle Bruce, whom we’ve detailed in this very column before.

We touched on it last week: If you’re FtM, your wages are likely to increase after transition. For the average MtF, they’re likely to fall. Gay365 has details.

345794952.jpg4,000 TG’s in Lubbock, Texas!?!? That’s what one t-girl estimates, according to the Centennial. Jennifer attended a PFLAG dinner, recently. And it’s probably a good thing she was one of just a few, otherwise, they’d have run out of dinner rolls.

An FtM has parents upset in Vacaville, California. KCRA says the parents weren’t told the music teacher would be returning to class in his preferred gender identity.

“Intimate” must be a politically-correct way of saying “small”. A British FtM performance artist spoke before an intimate crowd at Ohio State University, according to the Lantern.

gc12332-02_jpg_display.jpgA gal from Greenwich is Japan’s first TS geisha. The News Shopper has an interview.

In Missouri, a student group is trying to draw attention to the number of suicides among the GLBT population. The Missourian has photos.

kgrg1k9l.jpgSix years after her daughter’s death, Sylvia Guerrero isn’t tiring of campaiging for gender identity acceptance. The Seahawk says she was in North Carolina last weekend.

Sylvia will probably cross paths with Andrea Ransom soon. Her daughter was also murdered, and GayCityNews says her killer got a 5-10 year sentence.

An Ohio woman can’t afford an attorney in her murder trial. WKYC says Christine Mason hasn’t posted bond either.

Some amputees will complain about “phantom pain“, where they believe they can still sense the missing limb. Now, a post-op TS in Japan is reporting a similar sensation. Javno has the story. Or for a more detailed report on the condition, visit the New Scientist.

127_1.jpgAnother documentary about TG’s in Iran? How many is this now? Two? Okay, so, that’s not a lot, and MetroWeekly makes “The Birthday” sound pretty good.

A third of the TG population of Jakarta is HIV positive, according to MySinchew, and many of them are prostitutes. And Merinews says in India, they’re responding to a high incidence of HIV among TG’s with a new hit musical!

The Gazette talks with Isis King, and while it’s interesting, it’s not as educational as the three paragraphs on TG’s and the African-American community.

_45122882_-27.jpgSatire beats reality television. In England anyway, where a comic playing a TS has topped the pops. Read the BBC.

That GLBT high school in Chicago? The Tribune says it’s on hold. And KIMT says some GLBT students don’t want it anyway.

tghs.JPGA high school in Pennsylvania isn’t segregating. The Pittsburgh Channel reports for one day at least, they encouraged crossdressing.

Critics will charge that you can’t let the girls play sports with the boys, because it’s unfair. A gender queer athlete counters that argument in Pride Source.

transgender-1.jpgThe Atlantic is wondering if parents should let their kids pick the gender that feels most comfortable.

An advice columnist for the Boston Globe has some thoughts on addressing the ambi-gendered and introduces us to the term cisgendered.

A sports columnist for the News Tribune recently played golf in Florida with a TS. Guess who won?

travel-3_2.jpgLooking for a society that doesn’t discriminate against the transgendered? Try Samoa. Or, if that’s too far, the Dallas Voice suggests Hawaii.

Just in time for Halloween, a blogger at HorrorYearbook has identified 15 movies where the killer is TG.

Top historical reasons to bend one’s gender? A blogger for CNN lists them, with examples!

walliams3.jpgBritish comic David Walliams has written a book about a crossdressing boy. The Cleveland Leader has more.

TWIT of the Week “honors” are split between the “gal” connected to voter fraud and a college loan scheme in Cleveland, and WOIO reporter Paul Orlousky for referring to the subject as “this guy, er, gal, or whatever”. View the video on 19 Action News. While Santina Gibbs may be less than a positive role model, insults are not necessary.

Compared to that, all others are TWIT Runners-up. Like the FtM in Belfast who was sending nasty notes to his caregiver. Read more in the Telegraph.

And roving bands of marauding trannies are now causing problems in Washington, DC, according to the Blade.

Maximilia Codero and Jeffrey Epstein.jpgSexual assault charges have been dropped against a finance manager by a TS. She can’t prove she was insane when they hooked up. Details at Jossip.

The cops say Paul was wearing nothing but high heels. Paul claims he had pink hotpants on, before he hid under the kitchen table. Read the Sunday Mail.

And finally, a CD is busted for attempted burglary at a beauty shop. That was still occupied. MyFoxGulfCoast has more.

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