Perpetual Change: Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia’s New Project

| Jun 29, 2015
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garcia_2015Multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and culinary whizz Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia is no stranger to this column. She has become quite comfortable with her adopted home city of Nashville, TN, and is beginning to make some serious noise in Music City.

She has a new band, a new album coming out next month, and is starting work on more videos. So, as a brief teaser until I get a review copy of the new project, Michelle provide a short press release concerning her music as well as other activities in which she’s involved.

“My band is changing,” she said. “My partner and drummer, who has been woodwinds forever is now playing sax, plus we have a new drummer who also plays with country star Jake Owen. So now we are a 5 piece band. We are playing during the Country Music Association (CMA) weekend in downtown Nashville. Should be a lot of fun. Our first gig as a 5 piece.”

Although Michelle is definitely not new to the assorted twists and turns of the Byzantine world of the music biz, she is new to Nashville. “I’m still looking for management,” she said. “Still looking for a foot in the doorin this freaking twisted music town.”

Michelle went on to say that the new album, called Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids, was something of a challenge to write. “I was writing out of my comfort zone,” she said. “Writing new pop material. Sure there’s some of the old sound, but really moving on from what I have done.”

garcia_bandThe issue of being is something she also doesn’t’ mind talking about. “Being trans is so different than what it was. I want to write a book about the T-World and how it has changed from what it used to be. So many of my friends 10 and 20 years from surgery . . . how are they coping, happy, problems?

“Anyway, I don’t have enough time in the day to do all the creative stuff I want to. I was asked by a lesbian friend of mine to back her up with my band. Her stuff is good ( but not better than mine. Ha!) She is gigging regularly though and has more friends that I do. Please look her up, Tonya Noga. She’s active in the LGBT movement here in Nashville.”

In closing, Michelle had this to say: “Wouldn’t it be great if one day there was a tribute to LGBT artists during June and the radio stations all play LGBT music? I’m dreaming…”

For more information, please check out her Facebook page.


Jessup and the Philosopher Dogs

Jessup and the Philosopher Dogs

Georgie Jessup

Georgie Jessup has some upcoming shows for those of you on the East Coast: July 26th, Georgie will be featured on Caroline Ferrante’s American Radio Show, 1-2pm at The Mansion on O Street, 2020 O Street NW, Washington, DC; and on August 8th, along with her band The Philosopher Dogs, Georgie will be at Teavolve in Falls Point, MD 8-10 pm.. For more information check out Edith May’s Paradise on Facebook.

Calpernia Addams

Calpernia has posted a new YouTube video of her performing with Indie music legend Patrick Wolf at How The Light Gets In Festival in Wales. She accompanies  him on autoharp. This video is long, at 52 minutes, but is excellent, and worth your time since Cal is an excellent musician. Find the link on her website.

Beth Isbell

Beth Isbell

Beth Isbell

Beth Isbell has announced that and her band BeThisBell, will be recording a new album of alternative/psychedelic rock with Grammy winning producer Trent Bell in August. She also has a new EP entitled Work It Out available through her website.

Rev. Yolanda

I’ve been talking about Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour The Movie for some time now. Next month, I’m going to do a short review of the movie along with an interview of it’s producer, Ike Allen. Until then, the movie can be viewed online for a very limited time.


Love Life by Tamia

Love_Life_(Tamia_album)Tamia has been a well known R&B and soul singer for over 20 years now. She is married to NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill, and together, they run a philanthropic organization called The Grant Hill and Tamia Foundation, that is involved with several charities.

She has won several Grammys over her long career and I’m not doubting that her newest effort, Love Life, might pick up an additional award or two.

While most of the material is definitely R&B and Soul, and mostly laid back, Tamia does venture into other genres.

Love Falls Over Me (slow groove dance); Black Butterfly (starts with acoustic guitar and builds from there); You Give Me Something (light rock), as is Nowhere.

The debut single from this newest album is Sandwich And A Soda. It’s an interesting choice for s single since it delves into jazz. Also has a killer bass part, but sadly, I don’t have access to musician credits so I don’t know who to praise here.

Tamia used several different producers as well as several different musicians and song writers throughout the project. All in all, though, it’s that amazing voice of hers that can carry any song, in any genre and make it hold your attention. It did mine.

For more information visit Tamia’s website. She’s also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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