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Perpetual Change: CD Review — “Take The Day Off” by Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia

| Mar 14, 2016 | Reply

Pamela DeGroff reviews an advance copy of the new CD by Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia. Ms. Garcia added “Rocking Horse” to her name when she learned another woman was gaining fame as Michelle Garcia. Ms. Garcia is a musician, singer and songwriter from the west coast who moved to Nashville. Even though everyone in that town is a musician she has managed to stand out. Pamela reviews the CD and then gives you some music news and a mini review of the new EP by Alex Newell, the young man who played the trans girl on Glee.

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Perpetual Change: Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia’s New Project

| Jun 29, 2015 | Reply

Pamela DeGroff has an interview with Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia about her move to Nashville, her new band lineup and a new musical project. Then Pamela brings music news about Beth Isbell, Calpernia Addams, Rev. Yolanda and Georgie Jessup. After all that there’s a mini review of a new CD by Tamia.

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Perpetual Change: “Laughin’ In The Kitchen” by Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia? — CD Review

| Jul 29, 2013 | Reply

Our TG music columnist Pamela DeGroff has a review of a CD by Michelle “Rocking Horse” Garcia titled Laughin’ in the Kitchen. Originally released in 2008 Garcia has started doing a television cooking show and each show features, in addition to creating a delicious dish, a performance of one of the songs from the CD. It’s culinary rock at it’s finest. Read Pamela’s review and listen to some clips. Also in today’s column Pamela has music news about Rev. Yolanda’s birthday, Jennifer Leitham’s birthday and performance schedule, a benefit album for the singer from All The Pretty Horses and new music from Ciara.

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