Penises and Amazonian Princesses

| Aug 24, 2015
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The Artist D

The Artist D

I recently had a lengthy discussion with a feminist lesbian. We were on a train going nowhere in particular and struck up a discussion regarding LGBT. She was relating to me as at the time it appeared I had plenty to do with the G of LGBT and nothing to do with the T.

My temporary Feminist Lesbian Companion told me all about her forays in the gay, lesbian, and feminist communities.  During this discussion we began to talk about famous transgender people of our current day. It all came up rather naturally and I felt at first that it was all very casual. Thinking as I do I am never expecting to hear negativity or hatred from people I speak with, even strangers on trains. So, it came as quite a surprise when I heard that pre-op transgender people do not deserve to call themselves women.

In this particular person’s opinion (and allegedly that of the groups she associates) she felt that if you have a penis you should not dare to call yourself a woman. That is a perk earned by biological females. In fact, we are actually demeaning the battle of women against men by “mixing it all up” with these penises in vagina territory. Men should not fight women’s battles. The Amazonian Princess across from me reared her head. Now what?

It has always intrigued me when it comes to these people fighting societal wars while cherry picking the infantry. I certainly won’t deny there is a battle among all cultures, cliques and clubs. All groups try to trample the other eventually. It’s what humans do. But it turns my mind sideways and inside out when you’re fighting a war and rejecting warriors. That sort of pigheaded pride is what makes people losers. As if  those who happen to have had the luck of perfectly formed vaginas, breasts and fabulously shaped eyebrows will win the battle all on their own. As if anyone can win any battle all on their own!

She told me that the transgender people should be fighting for transgender rights but not women’s rights. “But why not combine forces and double the battle to win the war?” I asked. I was told that wouldn’t be fair. Women should win while being women and transgender people should win for the transgender people. I felt like I was suddenly stuck in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

The Artist D ... er, Tina Turner in Thunderdome

The Artist D … er, Tina Turner in Thunderdome

The feminist in the train hated life forms with parts defined as male because they were a conduit to the man’s world. Yet she couldn’t seem to understand that feeling so strongly as a woman on the inside was good enough. Yet it is.

How very fascinating and frightening! To believe that because you happen to be born with a vagina that gives you some kind of keys to the kingdom and any surgically altered ones shall be cast out. Instead of aligning yourself with them and making it one big happy world. Can’t we all get along?

They have always said that it’s a man’s world. At that I had a flash back that I have always wished it was more of a feminine world instead of a woman’s or a man’s world. I have never really thought in the terms of biologically one way or another and each side owning something. Of course as a transgender spirit I wouldn’t think like that. It’s like we’re all spirits instead of people. Flashing sparks of light in fleshy luggage fighting between the masculine and the feminine. Those of us who feel more like sparks don’t think it comes down to genitalia. I see the masculine in a lot of the same ways as this person on the train. It’s very harsh, rigid and often suffocating. The feminine in which I have at times fought for is much more open, compassionate and welcoming.

While refusing penises into this odd Amazonian club of feminist vaginas they have interestingly taken on the masculine traits they have been denying. Instead of fighting for the feminine they are building a feminine kingdom with masculine rules which makes it a man’s world either way. Interesting how we often become like that of which we fight so hard to destroy down here on planet Earth.

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The Artist D

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