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I Am the Non-Binary Boogieman

| Feb 8, 2016 | 3 Replies

It’s a big, wonderful world and it’s full of possibilities. Why should we be limited to expressing only two gender identities? That’s the question The Artist D poses today. Why not be able to be femme one day, masculine the next and a mixture of both, or none, on another day? The Artist D wants to shake the gender identity tree and see what falls out. See if you agree.

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Trick or Treat Tranny

| Oct 19, 2015 | Reply

Our late founder JoAnn Roberts called Halloween a holy day of obligation for crossdressers. It is the one day in the year that regular guys can experiment with wearing women’s clothing without repercussions from their friends. The Artist D believes that Halloween should happen everyday and what the world needs is more straight men wearing dresses. If they did that the whole world would shift and anything would be cool.

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Penises and Amazonian Princesses

| Aug 24, 2015 | Reply

During a chance encounter with a feminist lesbian on a train The Artist D learns that feminist lesbians, at least this one, believe that trans women have no right to call themselves women. In their world if it has a penis, or ever did, it just can’t be a woman. And The Artist D knows that is not true.

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Hello in There

| Mar 9, 2015 | Reply

Nobody believes a wild child. People look down upon eccentric teens and weird youthful creatures. Yet if they are consistent and bring it into adulthood they are taken slightly more seriously. Too many young people are taken as going through phases, fads and having whims. But who is to say that phases, fads and whims […]

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