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| Jan 22, 2018
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Amanda’s new living space.

This may come as a surprise to some, but, I finally moved out of that horrible Landlady’s house. It was sort of a forced move. I am now living in Walnut Creek, the same town where I work, which is very convenient. 

The straw that broke the camel’s back was this “lease” that I apparently agreed to. I agreed to nothing. The Landlady had it in her head that I was going to stay and be her slave, working odd jobs around the house, at her discretion, to work off the $100 increase in rent. I am no slave. I refused to be at her beck and call. 

I was going to try to move out as she slept, but, as I found out, that was impossible. I just had too much stuff. I had to rent a U-Haul van, in true lesbian fashion, to move my things into the same storage place that I rented from 3 years ago. Perhaps it was fitting that I was back where I started this whole Bay Area Experiment. 

I had to move in with a friend from work. She is a little young, but she is nice and the price is right. I can take time to recover financially from the Landlady disaster. I was running up smaller credit cards just to make rent. The Evil Landlady decided to not return my deposit or my last month’s rent. She told me to leave immediately because I did not want to sign a lease. I felt unsafe and uncomfortable in that house, so I obliged her request.

I need to get back on track and save some money. The accommodations are a bit cramped, but it’s not bad. Laying here on the floor in the living room, on my mattress. It could be worse. It’s very cold on the streets. This place is warm, it’s safe, and it’s a good place for my kitty. 

I woke up today, on day two, singing again. I guess I feel free to sing. I am a singer and a hummer. Oooo hummer… hehe. Aaannnnnywayyyy, it has been an adjustment. The last two nights have been a little rough. I have to get used to new sounds and not having a private room. I plan to put up those Japanese Shoji screens to divide off my space in the living room. 

I hope that this new living situation makes life better here in The Bay Area for me. Only time will tell. The singing gives me hope. I like this town much better. I moved from one of the worst towns to one of the best, from the outhouse, to the penthouse of sorts. I am encouraged, but cautious. The Adventure continues. . .

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