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Metamorphosis, Chapter 21

| Jun 18, 2018
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Wolves act on instinct and sense fear. You’re most vulnerable when they watch you cower in a corner waiting for them to pounce. Those animals receive no such pleasure from me. I stand my ground and jump in front of Guug. They pause momentarily. My actions confuse them as they focus their beady red eyes on my every movement.

The predators circle around us trying to gain an advantage. As the adrenaline courses through my veins, I realize I don’t have the slightest idea of what to do when they call my bluff. And I know they will sooner than later. They cannot sense fear because I am no longer afraid to die. It doesn’t matter anymore where or when I will face my end. Brutally or peacefully, it doesn’t matter. I can now pass knowing I was the true version of myself. No one, not even these nasty creatures, can take that from me.

Guug still moans in pain most likely wondering what the hell I’m doing. I glance over at him and smile. The large troll returns the sentiment and nods his head as if to say goodbye. I’m so ready to bid farewell to this place, and the Magistrate who seems to have caused me these problems.

The wolves growl and communicate with one another. I imagine their attack is imminent and there’s not much I can do about it. Some words from the audio file pop into my brain, “You are the light.” I am the light?

I focus my thoughts on those words and mumble them to myself over and over. I am the light, I am a supernova. Light, supernova, light, supernova, I am powerful beyond imagination.  One wolf leaps in the air, and the others follow suit.

I shudder and shake repeating those words faster, “I am the light! I am a supernova!”

A wave of energy releases from my body, knocking the wolves to the ground. Their cries remind me of puppies getting thrashed by a rolled up newspaper. As the whimpers continue, I extend my hand and a ray of light emits from my palm. The luminance of the Sun itself blinds a group of wolves lurking behind the first wave. 

I spin around shinning the light on the another who limped toward me, injured from the first attack.  I pushed my hand forward and a another burst of energy surges, turning the beast into char and ash.

The others retreat as fast as they could.  I can’t say I blame them. Guug lay there staring at me as if he’d seen a ghost.

“I told you Guug,” I boast, “I would figure something out.”

“How! How you do that?” he snorted.

“I kind of wish you could tell me that because I have no damn clue. All I can say is YAS!”

There is now proof to the theory that whatever I can dream up comes true in this place. To what extent? Can I wish myself out of this pit? How much power do I have in this world?

“That depends on you,” chimes in a familiar voice.

I look over my shoulder and there she was, yet again. Lydia, returning when I need her. “Where have you been, girl? You could’ve helped me stop these wolves. I need you to tell me where the hell I am? Please.”

“Hey, girl. Your memories will come back soon enough. I don’t wanna open the flood gates and totally screw up your mind, yet. You must trust me as you always have in the past. But, if you must know something — you are in the Swamps of Despair. A dark place, created by the Magistrate, of which no one has ever escaped.”

“Like, ever?” I quiz.

“Like never.”

“You don’t know where I am, do you?”

“As I said, you’re not quite ready for those answers. And I’m not quite sure I have them just yet,” Lydia’s smile turns upside down. She always had such a good poker face, I didn’t know if she was joking around or serious.

“Wait, what?”

“I have no damn clue where or why we are here. You called for me both times and here I am! Looking fabulous at your request.”

“Lydia! You gave me all that advice. How can I escape if I don’t know where the fuck I am?”

“I can tell you this, Raquel. This world seems to parallel your life in every way. All the people of this world are representations of those who have touched you or hurt you back on Earth.”

“So this isn’t Earth. At least that much is clear,” I reiterate. 

“Obviously. All that are here have a connection to you in some way,” Lydia professes. 

“Well, all except for Guug. I don’t know any large trolls who have sworn to protect me back home!” I joke.

“Don’t be so sure,” she grins.

“Charlie the bouncer!” We say in unison and break into hysterics.

To be continued. . . .

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