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Meet Julie Slowinski!

| Aug 19, 2019
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Julie Slowinski in Philly.

Hello TGForum and thank you Angela for inviting me to be a contributor. I guess before I start making posts and blathering on about my life, I should give you all a bit of my background. 
In a nutshell, I’m a married crossdresser from Chicago with two kids in their early teens. Wife has known since before we were married (20 years ago) and while she is accepting, she is not a participant. This actually works quite well for us — she gets her husband most of the time and I get some independent, purely platonic, Julie time with my friends. 
I’ve been a crossdresser since my early teens, but I only started going out about 2 years ago. As you might imagine, I was completely terrified that first time. It was a 4 day trip to Seattle with a hotel right in the middle of Capital Hill. It must have been my time to blossom because I went out 3 of the 4 nights and by the last night I was almost completely at ease. Walking in the cool night air I thought to myself, ‘Why did I wait so long?’ 

Julie out for a day of fun.

Since then, I’ve been going out about twice a month — shopping and dining of course, but also museums and art shows, live music and theater — just about anything that seems fun. At the moment, I’m infatuated with these artsy, vaudevillian type Burlesque shows. There seems to be a growing Burlesque community here in Chicago and around the country. 

Probably the most consequential part of going out is that my social life has ramped up significantly. When I was in the closet, I had little interest in making friends. If I had a free weekend, maybe with the kids at grandma’s house, I would prefer a night at home alone dressing to a night out with some dudes talking about sports. Now, I have a great group of friends, most of us married with kids, and a night with them is kinda like a night with the guys, except we’re all wearing fabulous dresses. It also helps that we are typically doing activities that are decidedly more interesting than sitting around the sports bar all night. 
I look forward to sharing some of these outings with you and maybe a little advice based on the few things I’ve learned over the years. Please free to contact me via this forum or look me up on Facebook. Oh yeah, if you don’t know about Pinkfest, please have a look and let me know if you have any questions. 

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Julie Slowinski is a married crossdresser from Chicago who loves to make the most of her time en femme when she is out and about. She joins TGForum to share her adventures.

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  1. Nicole Miller says:


    Firstly I think you are so beautiful. You have such style and femininity that just oozes from your photos. You are very inspiring to me and I love reading about your adventures and advice. Thank you for sharing. You can see photos of me and learn a little about me on my Flickr page (

  2. clewis clewis says:

    Greetings! Come back to Philly anytime. 🙂

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